The Beauty Of Neo-Classical Interior Design

Neo-classical design is a contemporary interpretation of the regular old classical design formation in modern interiors. It has a similarly grand vibe that used to be characteristic of the original classical order, but it is carried out in a more subtle and context-friendly manner. While the original classical design was carried out on a grand scale in order to emulate an exclusive and opulent aura, the neo-classical aesthetic is fit for smaller interiors as well. So take a look at how you can emulate the neo-classical aesthetic in your interior designs.


1. Wall designs

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The classical order was big on rich wall designs. There used to pilasters, huge columns and sconces along with rich artwork. In the neo-classical interpretation, you can carry out wall beading and subtle wainscoting to emulate that richness in a modern way on a decidedly small scale. It’s the perfect way to enrich the ambience without going overboard with the design.



2. Damask

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Damask wallpapers are a great way to emulate the neo-classical aesthetic. They offer intricate patterns in rich colors which are suitable to be incorporated in modern interior designs. They’re first came to be used in the 90s, but have since carved themselves a special niche in the interior design genre.

3. Drapes and curtains

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Drapes and curtains used to be an important part of the original classical order of design. Since we cannot introduce heavy draperies on small modern windows, wispy curtains of the contemporary variety have become the new norm in the neo-classical aesthetic. They can easily fit in with the modern style of the neo-classical aesthetic.



4. Grand bedrooms

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So how do you incorporate an aura of grandness in a limited space? You bring out the best of your neo-classical design! You can articulate the grandness with modern materials that capture the aesthetic of the neo-classical style. You can use tufted headboards in suede, and trimming in glossy laminates.



5. Furniture design

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Furniture design is always very specific to a certain interior design style. The neo-classical furniture design is very straightforward. It uses that typical tufted and luxurious vibe that has become quite characteristic of grand furniture over the years. It also uses arabesque footings and carvings to emulate that ornateness in its style.

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