The Best Material Choices For A Small Living Rooms Which You Must Know

The standard size of Singapore's living rooms can be quite small if you do not incorporate the right layout. They usually look more spacious when you emulate an open floor concept, but they can still seem quite small if you do not use the right materials. So what exactly is the best material choice for small-style living rooms? Well, let’s take a look below!


1. Light colored wall cladding

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Inside Lookz Design

The first priority while choosing the interior design materials for your small style living rooms is to make sure that they are light in color. This is largely because dark colors have a tendency to make a space feel tinier and constrained than it already is. Therefore, you must always make sure that whatever material you choose is light enough in color and texture to respect the size of your space.


2. Emphasis on white

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Inside Lookz Design

Even with an open floor concept, the interior design must be carried out in colors that lend your living rooms a spacious vibe. In such cases, white is the best color scheme to go with, and paint is the best material articulation for it. The smooth surface and texture of the white paint can give your living rooms a spacious feel, which can make your spaces seem bigger than they are.


3. Neutrals

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A neutral material palate is going can be your absolute go-to while designing a living area that is short on space. The best thing about neutral colors is that they have a pretty understated vibe and are able to exude an elegance that becomes inherent to the design itself. So using this particular material scheme can be your best chance at making your living room seem spacious and sophisticated at the same time.



4. Artistic monochromes

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If simple colors or materials seem too plain for you, then you definitely have the choice to go stylistic. You can choose wall and furniture laminate of the high-glass and textured variety to make your living areas look trendy and spacious at the same time.



5. Alternating material choices

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Mesh Werk Studio

When it doubt, go for alternating materials! This basically means that you use two alternating materials for the varying surfaces in your living rooms. For example, if one wall is done in white paint, then the next one can be done in oak wood laminates and so on.

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