The Brand You Must Know In 2018: Greenlam Laminates

Laminates are the most in-demand contemporary surface material and Greenlam Laminates has only the best to offer. Whether it is for kitchen cabinet in a residential setting, an accent wall features in a commercial space or a plush door in a luxurious hotel, laminates make up a major part of the material and visual aesthetic in any interior space.

As one of the top three laminate producers in the world, Greenlam prides itself in delivering high quality products with emphasis on innovative technology, chic & creative design. A variety of laminates they produce are inspired to be as authentic as possible. Hence, you can definitely rely on Greenlam to immerse your unique decor ideas with elegance and character.

Out of those many benefits from using their products, here are some significant key benefits you must distinguish, especially if quality decorative surfaces are what you are looking for:



1. Anti-bacterial finishes


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The unique selling point of Greenlam Laminates is definitely their anti-bacterial features. With a highly innovative breakthrough, Greenlam is the only one in the laminate industry to be able to convert its entire range of high-pressure laminates to an anti-bacterial grade.


The production of their laminates is what makes Greenlam different; the top layers of paper used in Greenlam Laminates have been treated with a high efficiency microbial agent, which retards the growth of 99% common bacteria.


Therefore to a certain extent, you need not worry about the hygiene of your indoor environment if you are using Greenlam Laminates in your house or office. So now, who doesn’t want a cleaner and safer environment for your family and friends?




2. Low Toxicity, Low chemical emissions


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Greenlam Laminates ensures you an exceedingly clean Indoor Air Quality for you to live in and they don’t just use their words to prove that. Greenlam Laminates has been certified by the highly prestigious Greenguard Environmental Institute for its GREENGUARD GOLD certification tests. The test results have indicated an extremely low emission of Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) or formaldehyde. This is vital because it illustrates that these laminates are truly suitable to be utilized in environments where children and the elderly spend large amount of time; for instance, in care home, school, nursery and healthcare centers. Can’t you tell that Greenlam laminates are extremely safe and a perfect choice to use? In a long run, this keeps us away from common respiratory diseases as you and your loved ones are able to live in environment conditions with highly clean and unpolluted air.




3. High Fire Resistant: Class ‘0’ Fire Rating



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Fire resistance is continuously important in all construction and finishing materials. Greenlam values the importance of fire safety and thus all the laminates under their umbrella boasts of a Class ‘0’ rating.  Not only that, Greenlam Laminates has also been tested for direct thermal attack where not only did it withstand the fire, it will also extinguish the fire after 20 minutes. The 2 other areas where Greenlam Laminates also aces in are the low smoke density and zero toxic emission when the laminates are burnt.

In terms of Fire rating, there are no other laminates that can come close to Greenlam, making them your perfect choice for a Fire-proof habitat.



4. Food Safe Laminates: NSF Certified


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Greenlam Laminates are completely safe to come in direct contact with food. The laminates are certified with the highly prestigious NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). NSF checks products on various criteria and one of the tests is direct contact with food. Greenlam laminates are also certified to be used in F&B industry for items such as pizza trays, chopping boards, serving trays etc., making it a particularly hygienic and safe choice compared to any other material.




5. Anti-fingerprint Range 

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The newest addition to Greenlam’s portfolio is the highly innovative “AFX - Anti-Fingerprint Laminates”. These laminates are revolutionizing the laminate industry with its hassle-less easy-maintenance solution. Many laminate surfaces especially high gloss or super matt finishes tend to catch hand-prints easily which can look unsightly. The super matt AFX Anti-fingerprint laminates give a highly sophisticated look and are extremely delightful to touch as it leaves only a great impression with absolutely no fingerprints. Nonetheless, these laminates are perfect for high-efficiency areas such as kitchens, dining areas, public places, office desks, reception and lifts etc. Needless to say, it is the perfect fix for places that are bound to have unlimited fingerprints.



Greenlam Laminates are a great combination of superior quality, vastly innovative features and undeniably chic and trendy designs, whether you are looking for some minor renovation or complete upgrading of any interior space, Greenlam Laminates is definitely your perfect choice.

What are you waiting for if you are looking for a home renovation or home improvement?

Let’s find out more about Greenlam Laminates on https://www.greenlam.com/sg/

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