The DOs and DON’Ts Of Window Treatments To Your Home Interior Design

Window treatments are one of those interior design essentials that you always think of at the last minute. You may have already decided that you want curtains or blinds but finding a reliable source to get you some within your allotted budget can be challenging. This is why it is crucial that you select the typology of your window treatments way before the renovation process is complete. Further, we’re going to discuss what kind of a window treatment works best within what kind of an interior design context.



1. Full-length curtains

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When you’re working with a transitional style theme where your furniture is plush while the rest of your interior design is sleek and modern, it’s best to go with old-fashioned curtains. Of course you cannot opt for velvet drapes, but a modernized fabric in a contemporary aesthetic is definitely going to do. This is because you have to balance out the plush vintage visuals of the furniture with something similar.



2. Flimsy curtains

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The contemporary style is one of the best way to source all manner of different styles and emulate them in a single setting. It’s bold, colorful and occasionally flamboyant, so the best kind of a window treatment for such a setting is always going to be flimsy, modern curtains. They are double layered. The inner layer consists of an opaque fabric while the outer layer is made from a solid one.



3. Going for glitz

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Conventional full-length curtains suit a neo-classical or traditional style interior design the best. When you want to imbue a bit of glitz and glamour in the backdrop, then you can opt for a shimmery fabric for your curtain choice. Coupled with the neo-classical elements and modern furniture used in the rest of the space, the curtains are going to look highly gorgeous.




4. Venetian blinds

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Venetian blinds have a very officious vibe, and they look highly gorgeous and efficient in a modern style interior design. They are a step above the conventional curtains, and can be used for both full-length as well as normal sized window portals. They have the ability to make any space look sleek and sophisticated.




5. Roller blinds

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Roller blinds are the simplest sort of window treatment and look best in both contemporary, industrial, minimalistic and modern style interior designs. They have no pleats or strains, are available in a variety of different colors and have the ability to add a sophisticated look to any kind of space.

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