The home-grown brand to support – igloohome!

The home-grown brand to support - igloohome!

In line with National Day, we would like to celebrate all things Singaporean, and an up-and-coming Singapore-based start-up - igloohome - has gotten our attention!

The home-grown brand to support - igloohome! (1)

igloohome has produced smart digital locks which allow home owners to grant access to their homes via mobile app. Their locks are affordably priced (they’re having a Great Singapore Sale promotion now till 14 Aug - while the usual price is S$399, it’s currently going at a steal at S$189!) compared to other smart locks in the market, which can go above S$1000.

The igloohome smart digital locks were conceptualized in Singapore, and the team, which is constantly working on new features for their mobile app, is based in Singapore. Many regional publications have picked up on the potential of igloohome, and they have been featured on Tech in Asia, Channel News Asia, the Nikkei Asian Review and many more.

Below, we share some of the reasons why we think igloohome would make it big:

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Aesthetics is extremely important for a product such as a digital lock, which essentially is the first point of interaction a home owner or visitor has with the home. As we all know, first impressions count. igloohome products have been crafted with care, and score high on the style charts. Their smart locks are sleek and minimalistic, and are easily incorporated in most home designs. The elegant metallic finish and strong lines chalk up style points for the home, without compromising on security.

The igloohome locks combine the best of both worlds - the ease of use of digital locks, and the technology of smart locks. With a digital lock, you can do away with keys, and at the same time, banish worries of accidental lock-outs or key duplication crimes. Being a smart lock, the igloohome lock is mobile app-enabled, which means you can manage your lock with your smartphone. Want to give a 3-hour PIN code to the helper while you are out? Sure, this is done easily with igloohome. While we initially thought digital locks and smart locks were one and the same, we found out through igloohome’s blog post that there actually are differences between the 2.

The home-grown brand to support - igloohome! (1)

The multiple modes of access offered by the igloohome smart locks allow home owners to choose which mode they prefer. Like that you don’t need to use any device or token to open your door? Use a PIN code. Lazy to have to tap in multiple digits? Use a bluetooth key on your smartphone. Stuck in an emergency situation and your lock has run out of battery? Use the physical key. The igloohome smart lock provides a solution for any situation, so this is reassuring for home owners.

Being a local brand, igloohome provides Singapore-based support. This means that should you require any maintenance of your lock, they would be able to conduct service calls to assess what the issue is. This is something that imported smart locks from overseas brands would not be able to provide. Often, what they can do is only to provide a 1-for-1 swop of the lock, which may not be the most convenient especially if you want to continue using the lock. igloohome’s team is based here, and would be able to resolve any issues promptly.

We must support local brands to provide them with a chance to compete at the international scale. Singtel Innov8 and other investors have recognized the potential of this start-up, and are backing them. We believe that they will do well too, especially with our support!



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