The ideal, quick kitchen make-over that every chef will envy!

The ideal, quick kitchen make-over that every chef will envy!

Pressed tin panels are an ideal and economical product to use for a splashback. The panels are easily and quickly installed. Large panels cover the area in a relatively short time. Very detailed fitting instructions are supplied and any home handyman would find this an enjoyable project. Neither the pressed metal panels, ply or paint are expensive so you can achieve a quick kitchen make-over for little expense and even less hassle. After painting, the panels can easily be wiped over with a hot soapy dish cloth as needed. A quick wipe back over again with the rinsed dish cloth and you are done. It is just as easy as wiping off spills on a tile splashback. If you change the colour scheme in your kitchen at some stage you can simply paint your pressed metal splashback a different colour - and that is not so easy to do with other types of splashbacks.

Any product with a painted finish can ultimately be damaged with force. Hence, no matter what you coat the panels with, they will never be as tough as stainless steel or tiles. Just take a little bit of extra care with your splashback and you will be fine.

Choosing the design for your splash back!

Some of the pressed tin panels are suitable for splashbacks. In general there is a tendency to use designs with a smaller repeat pattern for splashbacks but essentially anything is possible. Help is available when choosing your design.

How is a pressed tin splashback installed?

Pressed tin panels are normally installed by nailing them up onto ply used as a sub strate. Usually the installation is started at the far ends of the bench top, working back into the corners of the kitchen. Finish around the ply (or Villaboard) with a small timber trim painted the same colour as the panels, seal along the bottom edges and then you are done.

Several spectacular splashbacks created from pressed tin are featured below.

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