The Importance of Decoration Pieces To A Home

Feature objects, decoration pieces, artwork and focal points are some of the best ways to bring out the best in your interior designs. These come in the form of small baubles and trinkets, or large decorative feature. They enhance the overall aesthetic of an interior design by creating a pleasant visual clutter that creates an attractive tonal dissonance in any space.

Furthermore, these decoration pieces can have personal value – for example, a collection of favorite books on a bookshelf, a china doll collection on a feature shelf. In this post, let's look at these 5 interior designs which look better with the artful placement of these decorations.



1. The above-desk feature wall

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Your study desk is the most personal place in your home. It’s where you carry out your workplace activities in a personal capacity. It is comfortable and relaxing, so you want to surround yourself with all your most efficient working paraphernalia. So a shelf above this study desk can be decorated with some personal trinkets and baubles that make you feel the most relaxed.



2. Side-table decor

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The bedside tables are the most personalized spaces. They used to be decorated with a single lamp in the past, but now that luminaries have come up with more artful lighting fixtures, they stand mostly empty. You can decorate them with functional items like a vase of herbs, some potpourri or even a basket of your bedside beauty regiments.



3. In-built decor

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If you’re not into collecting accessories then don’t worry; you can decorate your home with some inbuilt interior aspects. The chalk board is a great way to spruce up your interior design in a personal and welcoming way. It can keep you busy and be functional at the same time. You can even jot down a daily to-do list for reminders on them.



4. Feature décor objects

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Sometimes, decoration pieces can be used to create focal points in your home interior design. These decoration pieces are bigger in size and very attractive in looks. They give your interior designs a more cohesive look. They can be anything – from a large vase to a beautiful wall clock and more.



5. Personal accessories

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For those who like to keep their personal accessories at hand, note that these accessories can make for great decoration. They can be books displayed in a shelf, photo frames featuring your best memories and even a gift someone gave you on a special occasion.

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