The Next Big Thing In The Design World: Norwegian Design Concepts

Norwegian design concepts are definitely the next big thing. From the lovely onset of the Scandinavian style to the cozy comfort of hygge, these days, another obscure Danish idea is taking the design world by storm: lykke. Pronounced as loo-kah, this concept is the more extroverted version of the hygge. It literally means ‘happiness’ and features light, neutral tones, a oneness with nature and an emphasis on sleek surfaces like marble, granite and more. Here’s how you can incorporate this idea during your renovations.


1. Large window portals

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

Since the basic idea of all the Norwegian home design ideals always features a connection with the outdoors, lykke is no different. You can introduce it in your home by featuring large window portals that have been delicately draped over by gauzy, billowing curtains. Make sure that the fabric of these curtains is opaque so that the natural night always automatically filters in.




2. Organic textures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

It’s the most inherent part of human nature that we feel happiest when we’re surrounded by nature. So while emulating lykke in your homes, you definitely have to go for organic textures like wood, exposed brick, distressed surfaces and more. The rugged beauty of such textures is sure to make your spaces look homely and lived in.




3. Be sleeker

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

In retrospect, the lykke is definitely more extroverted than its other Danish counterparts. You can interpret it in your interior designs by counterbalancing the organic textures with a sleeker design. You can use glass window panes, a limited amount of high gloss laminates, chrome accents and more to make such interiors look connected with the modern sensibilities.




4. Try digital detox

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

While technology and gadgets are definitely an integral part of today’s society, you must create at least one space in your interior designs where the emphasis is on the raw, rustic nature of the entire space. This fresh looking dining nook with the wooden furniture, beautiful indoor plants, creative light fixture and the backdrop of artwork is the perfect way to translate the concept of lykke in a digitally detoxified way.




5. Use lighter colors

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

Happiness is never represented by dark, moody and edgy colors. It’s always represented by light, breezy and bubbly color schemes. This is why when you’re emulating lykke in your HDB interior designs, it’s always recommended to use a lighter, brighter, pastel inspired color scheme. Whites, creams, baby pinks, powder blues and yellows are the best color choices.

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