The nitty-gritty of café interiors

The nitty-gritty of café interiors

Café’s – sort of coffee shop or coffee house – are small eateries with a focus on snacks and hot beverages. Café interior design requires a lot of careful thought. You cannot just compile a hodge-podge of random ideas that have zero context and slap them up to create the ideal space. It doesn’t work that way. Café interiors need to be carefully thought out – you have to determine the seating capacity, the lighting patterns, the furniture layout, the theme and even the relevancy of the exterior in order to come up with the best interiors. It is only when all of these ideas work in tandem do you get a nicely designed interior space.

  1. Theme

The theme of a café interior plays an important part in determining the ambiance of the space. It needs to be subtly stimulating the appetite in order to satisfy the business end of the venture, but I also has to be attractive in order to appeal to the aesthetics of the potential customer base. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and your theme can attract or repel the bright guests.

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  1. Lighting

The lighting of a café interior needs to be a stringent mix of decorative, accent and ambient lighting. Decorative lighting can be implemented in the form of funky fixtures. Accent lighting can highlight the features objects of your interiors. And the ambient lighting is all about creating an equal base light for the other two to work their magic.

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  1. Exterior design

Both the café interior as well as exterior need to work in tandem. The exterior should reflect a small part of the interior – a figurative peek-in to attract your guests. Usually, café’s tend to have large window openings that feature the best sitting areas inside.

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  1. Color and materials

The color scheme and consequently the material scheme should lean towards the appetizing end of the spectrum. The idea is to attract or stimulate the customer into buying the product – so conduct a careful research on color psychology before choosing the actual scheme.

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  1. Sitting Area

The sitting area needs to be a collaborative affair. What sets a café apart from usual eateries is its casual and relaxing ambiance. This is in part achieved through the layout of the tables and chairs, which has to walk a fine line between intrusive and collaborative.

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  1. Alcoves

Recent trends have evolved and now people book specific seats in the café to celebrate birthdays to success parties. You should take this trend into account while designing the interior and set apart a nook or two which could be rented out for potential parties – be it bridal showers, or even birthdays.

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