The Perfect Combination: Hot Red & Pure White

Red and white are the perfect colors to create a high contrast interior design. Although they lie on completely opposite ends of the color spectrum, there is something extremely attractive about this combination. Further, we’ll look at just how you can use both of these colors to deliver the best possible interior design.


1. Bring it to the entrance

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source:  Le Interi

If you’re looking for an understated entrance that always manages to make an impression, then this is going to be it for you. All you need is a stylish door – mild steel patterns in arabesques or geometry are all the rage these days. This door will provide a nice offset to your otherwise white color scheme, and you can add a dash of fun with a simple red colored mailbox or a decorative ornament.



2. Just a pop

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source:  Le Interi

The thing to note about a red-and-white color palate is that red comes with a lot of visual weight. On the other hand, white is completely reflective and can be used in large doses. So when you’re designing an interior in these colors, always make sure that the ratio of both these colors is appropriate. Just a small dash of red can visually balance out the breeziness of the white.


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source:  Le Interi



3. Fifty shades of red

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source:  Le Interi

Red has an entire familial outcropping of hues and tints on the color wheel. This basically means that the whole blood red, carrot red, orange-red etc. dilemma is a true one. But since you’re working with white – which is basically the color neutralization champ – you can even use various hues of red at the same time in the same interior design. You can use patterned throw pillows, sofa cushions and even chairs to create visual contrast in the red theme for your interior design.



4. When graphics come in handy

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source:  Le Interi

Graphic art, textures, artwork and patterns are a great way to imbue a whole new side of red in an interior design. Paired with an all-white backdrop, you can get some of the best visual contrasting in interior design history. Note that even when the ratio of red is disproportionately low as compared to white in such an interior design, it still works pretty well in the overall scheme of things.


5. And when it’s all white

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source:  Le Interi

While a dash of red here and there can be truly appealing and eye-catchy, sometimes an all-white scheme is just what you need to make your home look uniquely comfy and soothing. Just make sure that the hue of white you choose is not too pristine or stark. If it has just a smidge of grey in the mix, then it can look extremely homely.

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