The Power Of Natural & Organic Interior Design

Organic accents are inspired by the nature, and in the context of interior design, they can be quite a powerful design element. Most of the time, we tend to use synthetic products like paint, chrome and other artificial surfaces to design our interior spaces. These can be extremely impactful, but they can look very austere and lifeless without that particular natural touch. So further, we’re going to be looking at how organic accents can make a surefire difference in making your interior designs look better!


1. Wholly artificial

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First and foremost, it is important to note that just because we’re referring to them as ‘natural’ accents, the actual material interpretation of these elements does not have to be completely natural at all. We’re referring to its physical impact on the aesthetic of your interior design, so that means these materials can be wholly artificial. It can be wooden laminates, wood accented tiled floors and even a mossy green shag carpet. The idea is to bring a natural contrast in the space with the help of these accents, and you can definitely accomplish that with artificial materials.

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2. All-encompassing


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Organic and natural accents can imbue a sense of warmth in any space if used in an all-encompassing way. You can use them in large amounts in the form of laminates and accent walls. They definitely have the ability to make any space seem very warm and comfortable.

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3. Matching with atypical colors

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Unconventional color schemes can look quite atypical if used only in contrast with each other. The blues, pinks, yellows and reds all have a very specific aesthetic set that is very bright and fun. But if you use them in tandem with some natural accents – for example wood – then you can get a pretty effective and grounded end result.



4. Bringing nature to hardened cityscapes

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Many Singapore residents don’t quite understand the art of decorating a terrace or balcony. The fact that these balconies mostly look over an urban landscape does not help matters one bit. But you can definitely use natural and organic accents like wood and grass to emulate a sense of nature in that small space in order to make the most of it.




5. Cozy and comfortable

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The best part about organic and natural accents is that they evoke a sense of instant calm and comfortableness within the human psyche. This is why using them in interior designs can make them feel very cozy and relaxing. They slough away that urbanized feel and can make your house fee like a home.



6. Trendy with trimming & accents

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If you’re not a fan of using a large amount of organic accents in your interior design then you can definitely use them in the form of trimmings and undercuts. You can use them in skirting and small laminated areas to bring a naturalness in your space. This is a great way to use natural textures because it can be done in a stylish and trendy way.

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