The Renovation Do’s & Don’ts Of Hungry Ghost Month

The fifteenth day of seventh month of the Lunar calendar – yes, it’s the iconic Hungry Ghost Festival. Usually, the entire month is considered to be the “Ghost Month” because tradition dictates that the souls of the deceased ‘visit’ our realm during that time, but the real question for all potential homeowners is: how does it affect their renovation?

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Statistically speaking – and yes, there are people who’ve made an actual science out of Ghost Month – there’s nothing really wrong with carrying out a renovation or even buying a house during the 7th Lunar month. In fact, studies have shown that there’s never really a dip or slowing down in the housing market during this time at all. And no, it doesn’t bring you bad luck at all.

Sentimentally speaking, all the ghosts that are visiting from the Underworld used to be people before they were actual ghosts, right? And more than that, the Hungry Ghost Festival has always been about taking care of the people who’ve passed on to the next life – isn’t that why we light incenses, offer food, drink, entertainment and even money to all our Visitors?


Filial Piety

Image Source: Unsplash.com

Filial piety is actually part of Hungry Ghost Month, and what better way to offer comfort to the deceased than ensuring that you’re going on with your life as if they’re still with you. If you’re still not really sure about going forward, and are worried about ‘hurting’ the spirits, then you’ll be happy to hear this alternative. Experienced renovation contractors usually perform a simple ritual and offer incense to the spirits to appease them. This is basically like getting permission to renovate the house, so rest easy.


So, while keeping this in mind, here are some reasons why you should opt for renovation during this month:

-  With renovation, there is sure to be a lot of noise. You are sure that the spirits would avoid visiting your home.

-  Interior design companies are usually hungry – ha, pun intended – for business during the Hungry Ghost Month. So, you can probably negotiate a cheaper price for their services.

Typically, less people are going for a renovation during this month, so chances are that the contractor will solely focus on yours during the entire month.


The 7th Lunar month is also the off-peak time when it comes to materials market. Therefore, the services in the industry come at a relatively inexpensive price. For example, floor installations can be relatively cheaper as compared to peak season.

So, whether you’re thinking of buying a house, renovating it, or simply trying to stick it out through the Hungry Ghost month, this guide should definitely be a help!


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