The Rise Of Industrial Interior Design In Modern Living

Imagine warehouse, worn-out wood flooring, metal bars, and exposed ceiling and brick walls when planning a home interior. Think of the timeless charm of raw finishes, incomplete interior, and the beauty of a mechanical-inspired design age.

Sounds like a surprising and crazy idea?

But this type of awkward-sounding interior style is trendy and has a name – modern industrial interior.

Incorporating industrial design into your abode is an irresistible way to combine age-old materials with modern interior. It looks cool, sophisticated, and luxurious!

Here is how you can pull the best industrial interior design in your modern living:


1. Minimal and Clean Detailing

Industrial designs are trendy, mainly because of the raw simplicity they connote. If you have a load of knickknack and bulky furniture, industrial details may not highlight well. So keep it minimal!

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

Make sure you never overdo industrial elements. You can do well with a wrought iron canopy bed in the bedroom, wooden stools for your bar, a brick wall as the kitchen backsplash, etc. You require increased floor space but little furniture.


2. Combining Modern with Industrial

You have two options for industrial elements – Rustic & Vintage. Choose one that best suits your style. Both of these styles come from the old-age architecture genre.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

Industrial elements look charming when paired with modern fixtures. For instance, use appliances with shiny metal in your kitchen to contrast with rustic metals. A wood island, pendant lighting using traditional Edison-style bulbs, and brass knobs on cabinets lend a stunning industrial twist to your kitchen.

A light-coloured couch against a rustic wall art brings in the industrial beauty inside your living room. Chose a metal floor lamp that contrasts with contemporary carpeting.


3. Choose Cool Colours

Looking for a modern condo interior design? Get familiar with the narrow range of colour options. Choose gray, wooden brown, white and black to lend a modern, sleek touch.

To avoid your space from looking a boring and a little flat, you can go for varying shades to add more texture.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

Want to be a bit daring and experimental? Throw in colourful splashes; just make sure you don’t overdo it. Begin with neutrals, and slowly introduce other colour schemes.


4. Exposed Pipes, Ducts and Beams

Exposed mechanical and structural elements will make the boldest statement in your interior design. The industrial design challenges the classical architectural while it keeps using the basic design ideas.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

This style combines creativity and practicality when people plan to give their residential living a modern industrial look.


5. Industrial Lighting

You have a whole host of industrial lighting options. Pendant lighting and floor lamps are the core lighting elements used throughout your industrial space to serve as focus lighting.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Swiss Interior

You can choose track lights as an option for ambient lighting in your home or office interior when thinking of industrial charm. Distressed vintage pendants and metal-finished floor lamps are also perfect for the rustic industrial interior design.


Final Words

All in all, modern industrial interior spaces are all about exposing everything that exists beneath to achieve a charming raw, and edgy style.


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