The secret to a successful modern interior

While the classical and traditional style aesthetics are literally set in stone, there is no hard and fast rulebook for modern interior designs. In fact, this style is ever evolving and conforming to the needs and values of contemporary society. So, if you love the sleekness of this style, and want to emulate it in your own homes, then here are some handy tips for you to do so:


1. Serenity by decluttering

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Modernist interiors are renowned for their serene and tranquil atmospheres, and one of the most dominant reasons for that is their decluttered looks. You can emulate this technique in your modern home spaces by choosing sleek, glossy surface finishes, going for innovative lighting solutions, and avoiding all kinds of visual clutter.


2. Disregard for overdesigning

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While overdesigning may be a part of some interior design styles, it has never been more frowned upon, then in the modernist times. Similar is the case with modern contemporary spaces. You need to get rid of anything that screams ‘extra’ from such spaces. Instead, opt for the simplest look and embellish with functional items that you need for everyday use.


3. Transparency and organization

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We respect the fact that modern living requires a lot of accessorizing, and there are certain needs that cannot be ignored. But instead of collecting all this stuff in a haphazard manner, you need to make it an organized and highly transparent part of your homes. Make a functional wardrobe for your clothes, a miscellaneous object cupboard in your kitchens, a décor shelf in your living rooms, etc.


4. Practice ‘less is more’

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Mies Van Der Rohe’s age old philosophy is still a crucial part of the modern-day modernist’s aesthetic. So, while emulating this look in your homes, fact check your surroundings by comparing things against what you need versus what you want. Keep the things you need, and get rid of the rest in order to get a perfectly modern look.


5. Balance light and dark

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One thing about modernist interiors that you need to remember: they rarely ever feature bright jewel-coloured tones. They are mostly achromatic, or monochromatic and focus on a single colour to the fullest. Various hues of one colour are used to emulate a sleek, clean look within the ambiance, so that’s exactly what you should go for as well.


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