The secret to clever accessorizing of your homes

Both interior design and décor are an art form that needs to be carefully studied. So before you start redecorating your homes helter-skelter, let’s take a look at a few tips that you can use for clever accessorizing:


1. For general use

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As far as miscellaneous décor and accessories are concerned, there are quite a few ideas you can take inspiration from. There are usually end-décor items that frame shorter objects in the middle. Or you can display individual trinkets that are similar in height and frame. Just remember that tall décor items are usually used for framing the shorter ones.


2. For kitchens

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There is a simple thumb rule that you must always follow while decorating and accessorizing your kitchens – keep the counter space as clutter free as possible. If you overcrowd the countertops, your home can end up looking absolutely messy instead of stylish. So it’s always better to keep a few appliances as well as some cutlery and daily use essentials on display and do away with all the other stuff.


3. For study nooks

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Books and documents are always the hardest to compartmentalize properly because you always need something at hand. This is why you should accessorize your study nooks with open bookshelves. It can help you keep essentials within handy reach as well as give you enough incentive to keep things organized for aesthetics purpose.


4. For bathrooms

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Bathrooms are the wettest areas in a home, which is why you need to go for separate shelves if you want to accessorize properly. Some vanities come with open shelves that you can use for this purpose. But if you want a simple sink, have a separate shelving unit to keep essentials as well as decorative items at handy. Small planters always look quite nice in a bathroom. Aside from that, you can feature various vases of potpourri, perfumes, incense sticks and air fresheners in these shelves.


5. For dressers

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Luxespace interior

The key to successfully accessorizing your dressing table is to keep the essentials on display and stow all of the extra stuff out of sight. This is why most dressers have drawers of all sizes – so that you can keep track of all your organization. However, do not overcrowd your dresser. In fact, display all the essentials – skin care products, cosmetics and jewellery – in a corner while leaving the rest of the surface clutter-free.

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