The Secret To Creating The Perfect Double Height Space

Double height spaces are at once charming, glamorous and incredibly breathtaking. However, it’s one of the greatest challenge a designer can ever face when it comes to crafting them. There are hundreds of small details that need to be balanced out, catered to and aligned in order to design a perfectly habitable double height space. Here’s your guide to doing just that:



1. Ceilings to be harmonized

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The thing about being a homeowner in Singapore is that you can never survive without a ceiling fan. Summers are the hottest and double height spaces have a tendency to leave zero room for this necessity if not carefully designed. So whenever you’re leaving a vacuum (open) space to get that double-height effect, make sure that the spaces below fall under a ceiling fan, or you’ll have a giant problem on your hands.



2. Adjoining lofts

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Double height spaces – whether large or small – tend to lead to an adjoining loft-like space that delivers the whole aesthetic beautifully. So make sure that this loft matches and highlights the décor of your downstairs space and does not end up looking like a completely different entity of its own. This is integral when you’re trying to make your homes look wholesome.



3. View from the flipside

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The view from the upper deck or loft needs to be carefully imagined. The layout is always supposed to be designed in a way that carries the theme, but is also functionally relevant. You cannot simply look down on an empty space from above, but you also cannot have a view of a cluttered space either. So make sure to strike the perfect balance!



4. The windows and the view

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If you are going for tall, glass windows along with your double height space then you must also ensure that you’re taking the climatic conditions of Singapore into account. While it’s always awesome to have a nice view, don’t end up turning your home into a veritable glass house. Always make sure that you have good window coverings. You can go for pelmets, blackout window shades, honeycomb shades and more to improve the stylistic integrity as well!


5. Mirrors all the way

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

The reason most homeowner’s opt for a double height space is to emulate a breezy and airy vibe within the design. But if you’re short on real estate, and if the double height doesn’t have the impact you were looking for, you can also install feature length looking mirrors to give your homes the illusion of spaciousness!

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