The Taste of Wood – Hup Kiong’s Woodtime Collection

The Taste of Wood – Hup Kiong’s Woodtime Collection

Wooden textures are gaining an edge in renovation concepts these days. They have also become the first choice for home owners in the recent years. Wooden textures provide a large range of aesthetics ranging from luxurious and decadent to breathtaking. Hence, Hup Kiong’s ‘Woodtime’ collection focuses on this trend and acts as an alternative if one were to consider wood-like materials yet do not want to go for floor veneers or wall laminates.

Wooden textures have a very warm ambiance and can make the space seem cozy and inviting. The Woodtime collection provides 4 different colors, each offering a range of different effects within the interiors and will definitely appeal to all homeowners.

  1. Honey

The Honey is a fine combination of teak and rosewood. This color is suitable if one is looking to create a warm and relaxing outlook with an intention to promote intimacy.

It can make any interior seem friendly and pleasant – even if it is a modern or contemporary style one. Moreover, Honey color adds on a refreshing rustic vibe without affecting the modernistic design.

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  1. Oyster

The Oyster color offers a lighter shade of wood, and is distinctly different from the usual brown color of wood. This lightness promotes a feeling of spaciousness within the interiors while making the space seem bright and cheerful. The Oyster color is very trendy and would appeal to all homeowners. Its unusual lightness sets it apart from the typical dark browns of wood. Its unique style will be a fashionable addition to all interior styles; especially all modern and contemporary style homes.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Hup Kiong


  1. Pecan

The Pecan color is all about warmth meeting a rustic vibe. This color can infuse a friendly and cozy atmosphere within the space. Its chocolaty finish promotes a comfortable ambiance that can seem trendy without affecting the homely vibe. The warm color and texture of the Pecan style would seem great in a contemporary cottage style or rustic interior design. It would also appear very fashionable within modern and contemporary style interiors.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Hup Kiong


  1. Truffle

The Truffle is the darkest color in the Woodtime series and its dark, edgy feel to the tiles brings about a unique style that is part modern and part contemporary but altogether very pleasant and comfortable. The Truffle style would look great in any setting, but its dark color would stand out the most within a white themed interior the best. The contrast between the light interior and dark Truffle floors would be extremely fashionable yet pleasant at the same time.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Hup Kiong

Kindly note that some of these tiles may require further measurements to perfectly fit your flooring or walls.

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