These 5 Design Elements Would Look Out-Of-This-World In Grey

Grey is one of those ever-green hues that is brimming with unfettered elegance, sophistication, and grace. You can easily use it in a number of interior design elements to emulate a sense of charisma and calm at the same time. This unique juxtaposition makes it such a great choice for bold as well as understated spaces. Here are 5 design elements that you can tweak with grey’s to make your homes look more beautiful:


1. The feature headboard wall

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

The headboard accent wall is the pinnacle of the contemporary lifestyle. Adjoined headboards are rarely appreciated these days, which is why the craze for unique headboard walls is at the top of its game. You can carry your out in a deep shade of slate to make an instant impact. Balanced out with white bed covers and a sophisticated material texture, you’ll definitely love this aesthetic a lot.


2. Charcoal paired with sheer

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

The dark intensity of charcoal weighs on the darker scale of grey, but don’t worry – you can make it seem bright and airy by pairing it up with sheer opaqueness. The combination of charcoal and sheer curtains is a very charismatic one. While one can be used in a blackout capacity, the other can be used in a let-the-light-in capacity. It’s a very unique combination and you’ll definitely feel compelled by it.


3. Grey in the form of marble

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

Grey hue may be charismatic, but it’s also an inherent part of nature. It’s definitely found in all natural stones – namely marble and granite; and all their engineered contemporary iterations now. So, a grey marble textured feature shelf is definitely an excellent way to imbue your interior designs with an organic sort of beauty and accessorize it further with chic décor pieces!


4. Frost-grey recessed shelves

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

Recessed shelves always need to be articulated in contrasting colours to make them stand out from the rest of room. They’re basically an accent introducing device that acts in a decorative capacity at the same time. The frost grey ones featured in this image are quite elegant. They complement the austere while beauty of the rest of the shelf-wall nicely while looking sophisticated in and off itself.


5. In chairs and furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Neu Konceptz

Grey is a hue that can beautifully accent any space – whether sleek or eclectic. However, you need to find the perfect translation for it in the form of fixtures and furniture pieces. The office chair in this image is a great example of how you can emulate grey accents within a largely white space with the help of a nicely chosen focal object!


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