These 5 Inspiring Industrial Apartments present Fabulous Bedrooms for a Dreamy Sleep

Bedrooms are the most intimate spaces of a house where you can sleep or just lie down peacefully to spend some alone time. Designers of these apartments have really understood that need and have presented excellent places where you will be able to find yourself at home and ready to take the world on. The luxury oozes out of these Industrial Apartments but they still maintain an uncanny elegance that will win your heart.

1: Unified Look


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Meter Cube

A diverse range of elements and schemes come together to provide this Meter Cube apartment an unified look. Gorgeous blinds for those windows helps you to ensure privacy, and you can also get a peek in the world outside if you want. Still, colours are what distinguish this bedroom – brimming with warm, cool and neutral colours (pink, blue, violet and white), this place has a charming vibe to it.


2: Youthful Appeal


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Rezt n relax Interior
So many things are there to talk about in this eclectic Industrial Apartment from Rezt n Relax. The rustic wood that has been used for the flooring provides the place with a privileged earthy touch, and the material and texture used for the fabrics evokes an appeal of youth. Large-streamlined blinds help in maintaining the privacy, while the use of track lighting presents the place with a cozy tone. The decorative elements also shine because of their minimalistic features.


3: Timeless Look


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Meter Cube
This one is a classic Industrial bedroom with its high-value and luxurious features. Vintage aesthetics fill this space with a classic old world vibe as the place makes a lavish use of industrial white and brown. However, the addition of few stylish elements helps this place to gain a timeless touch. The pendant lamp plays a huge role in this, and the reading shelf and other furniture elements combine together to add a nuanced texture to the place.


4: Space Industrial and Very Chic


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: JQ Ong
A fabulous mix of vibrant colors has resulted in a very chirpy and vibrant scheme for this place. The space voices the tone of comfort and draws you to it with its inviting charm. Art works adorn the wall and add tons of elegance to this place. Targeted lighting scheme has been preferred and that has resulted in a warm touch for this industrial space.

5: Modern Industrial Feel


Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio

This bedroom makes very frequent use of rustic accents following its Industrial roots and that accounts for the warmth and natural appeal of the place. But what distinguishes this bedroom is the clever use of simple elements to produce an amplified effect. The sleeping area, for example, is highlighted because of a color scheme that strikes a contrast against the regular shades of the room. Not to mention those track lights that extend a raw charm to this place.

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