These 5 Kitchen Layout Mistakes Could Cost You Efficiency

If you’re a renovation buff or have done your research well, you’ll already know that the kitchen is a space for both beauty as well as function. Compromising one for the other is not an option at all, which is why today we’ve bought you a list of 5 mistakes to avoid when designing a kitchen for your homes:


1. Keeping the functions close

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From a specialists perspective, there are 3 major functional entities in an ergonomic kitchen design. These include the sink, the hob, and the fridge – collectively known as the ‘work triangle.’ Now, regardless of the layout style of your kitchen, if the distance between any of these elements is more than 10-15 feet then you’re doing something wrong. It’s going to end up hindering your functionality and work flow.


2. When you need super storage

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Despite alluding to enough forethought and a lot of discussions with your designer, sometimes space wastage cannot be avoided – especially in an area like the kitchen where a number of uncannily shaped appliances need to be stored with easy access. While the conventional drawer-cabinet layout is very thorough, sometimes you need to opt for extra long super-cabinets to keep all your paraphernalia in check.


3. Knowing the limits of your counterspace

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The most common problem that all homeowners face while remodelling their small kitchen is on how to enhance the counterspace capacity. While the L-shaped and the U-shaped layouts help a lot with this aspect, sometimes it’s still not enough. With the hob and sink taking a lot of space, you’ll need some more square-footage to accommodate the preparation area. Adding a small breakfast bar or kitchen island can help you with this problem.


4. When budgeting kills the backsplash

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When homeowners are short on budget, the very first thing they think of foregoing is the backsplash. Here’s our advice: don’t do it. The backsplash is not just a decorative application; it’s there for a reason. It keeps the food from staining the walls, provides heat resistance, and general aesthetic detailing to the space. Without it your kitchens are going to look incomplete.


5. Pragmatic floor details

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Any regular home cook can tell you the plethora of semi-disasters that converge in a fully functional kitchen. The floor usually takes the brunt of this action, so finishing it in delicate materials like hardwood or vinyl is not an option. It’s better to stick to sturdy, hard-wearing, and heavy duty materials like porcelain tiles for this particular space.


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