These 5 Renovation Mistakes Can Bust Your Entire Project

Home renovation is a huge industry in Singapore, but even though it is a mainstream business, many homeowners are still very susceptible to some common pitfalls. We’re here to remedy that. Further, we’ve compiled a list of 5 renovation mistakes that you must absolutely avoid so that your project can run smoothly:

1. Bad price offsets

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One common mistake made by all renovators is that they overestimate the value of their property by doing a mislead initial search on real estate websites. The investment you put in your property needs to match the values and aesthetics of your sales demographic, surrounding area, and even your exact location. Don’t think that you’ll make a fortune by upping the resale value of a home that’s located in a shabby area.


2. Not everybody is a DIY master

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In order to cut the cost of various elements from the overall budget, many homeowners end up thinking they can easily get the same results by investing in a DIY venture. Our advice to such homeowners is this: don’t. Until and unless you are a certified professional who knows that they are doing, you’ll end up ruining your unfinished home aesthetic if you choose to walk this way.


3. Breaking your budget parameters

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You may feel very attracted to a certain expensive finish, fixture, or a carpentry element during the course of your renovation, but it’s always best to avoid any temptations. The moment you break the parameters of your budget is the moment you take the first step towards profit loss. You should try and stick to the essentials if you know what’s best for you.


4. Renovating the wrong elements

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Whether you’re renovating your home for moving in, or whether you’re doing it to boost the resale value of the property, you must always do an initial market research to ensure that you’re adding the right elements. You have to add stuff that volumizes both the functional as well as decorative aspects at the same time – only then can you get the best of your money’s worth.


5. Don’t be attracted to a low price

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While vetting out professionals – both designers and contractors – you have to look beyond the low price range. Concentrate on the experience, warranty, and the quality of the work. If a certified pro is asking for a fraction of more money for a better quality on your end results, then it’s not a bad investment at all.

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