These 5 Suggestions Would Change The Way You Decorate

If you love to decorate your home, add small ornaments, work with teensy details, then you’ll know that decorating is an art form. There are rules to the placement of every object in every space. You cannot cluster together some asymmetric, mismatched objects and call it a day. Here are 5 suggestions that can guide you on how to decorate like a total pro:


1. Asymmetric clusters

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Symmetry is going to be your worst enemy while decorating because nothing looks very interesting when you know how many of it there is going to be. Part of decorating is confusing the eye and brain – hooking it; making the person look twice. So if there are 3 ornaments in one shelf, make it 5 or 6 in the other, 2 in another, 7 in another, and so on.


2. Creating contrast with accessories

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Noble Interior Design

Going matchy-matchy is another huge no when you’re decorating stuff. This is, once again, because you have to hook the eye. Not make it a bore that someone breezes through. So, make sure that all your accessories and trinkets are as contrasting as possible so that you can make your ambiance as interesting as possible. Go for pieces that make an individual statement.


3. Use colours to your advantage

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The colours that you introduce through your décor are basically what we call ‘accents’. They imbue contrast within the space and need to be selected carefully. So, don’t select stuff that is ultimately going to end up merging with the backdrop. Choose ornaments that have a bright, popping appeal – something that complements the overall theme by standing out.


4. The imagery

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Noble Interior Design

The décor that you use in your interior designs comprises of a lot of stuff, be it imagery, decorative coasters, artwork, ornaments, or more. Out of all these, images and patterns have a very heavy impact, so you have to be very strategic about where you use them. Pictures can be used in dining table place mats, gallery walls, and even decorative frames for the best impact.


5. The art of functional decor

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Noble Interior Design

All the functional accessories that are a part of your everyday lives – such as the bottles on your dresser – can also be used as décor. It’s functional, but you can use all of the above mentioned techniques (and even play with their heights) to create an eye-catching formation.


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