These Excel Hardware Products For All Organization Buffs

Keeping track of all your kitchen essentials is no easy task – the chopsticks may be stored in one drawer while the wok is all the way on the other end. All these minor hassles cause delay in our everyday lives, which is why Excel Hardware, a trailblazer in the kitchen design industry, has come up with a number of unique products that can solve all your organization woes! Let’s take a look at them all below!


1. 2 Tier Multipurpose Slimline Slab

Image Source: Excel Hardware

With two tiers and an ergonomic build, the Excel-Rufino 2 Tier Multipurpose Slimline Slab is definitely an addition that can make your kitchens extra practical. If you’ve ever had trouble keeping your tall-necked and small bottles at handy, this pullout basket will definitely make your life easier. Made of premium quality stainless steel and an easily installable hardware, you can upgrade your kitchens for maximum efficiency with this product!


2. Excel-Orietto 4-Sided Pullout Slimline Slab

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Now you can dress your kitchen drawers for optimal utilization and storage with the Excel-Orietto 4-Sided Pullout Slimline Slab! This product offers unique and ergonomic space optimization with two slabs with a central divider. You can easily store plates and cups of all sizes on the carefully designed holders. Made from premium grade stainless steel, this slab has been through some rigorous load testing to ensure full stability and maximum loadbearing! It’s easy to install and features a nice, shiny luster that can add the beauty of your kitchens!


3. Excel-Panfilo Multipurpose Pullout Slimline Slab

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Kitchen utensils consist of very odd subsets with different sizes, length and depth- and it can get a little hard to keep all these things securely in a single space. This is why the Excel-Panfilo Multipurpose Pullout Slimline Slab is such a dream-come-true! It’s a soft-closing pullout wire basket with a number of compartments of varying depths. All the baskets can be used to store different utensils like plates, pans, bottles, knives, chopsticks and more. The strips at the edge of the baskets allow it to be mounted on a wall or any other suitable stricture. Its easy utility is one of the best and coveted qualities of its design – one that everyone needs in their kitchens!


4. Excel-Betrando Magic Slimline Slabs Pullout System 2+2

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Take your kitchen utility to a whole new level with the Excel-Betrando Magic Slimline Slabs Pullout System 2+2! Consisting of 4 trays – 2 on each side of a steel spine – this hardware is able to fit easily inside all those pesky, unreachable cabinet cornets that are inaccessible. It’s a modular system that has highly ergonomic with enough space available between the top and bottom trays to store a variety of utensils. It’s robust, aesthetically pleasing and durable to top it off – the perfect addition to make your kitchen reach its height of practicality and efficiency.


5. Excel-Unico Three-Sided Stainless Steel Basket

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Small, compact and highly practical, the Excel-Unico Three-Sided Stainless Steel Basket is the perfect way to add an element of systematic organization to your kitchen drawers. Its small physique can be easily installed and is perfect for storing all manner of utensils. Made from premium quality stainless steel, this compact hardware packs a big punch! It’s been rigorously put through stringent loadbearing tests, which ensures excellent and robust physique! This is definitely something you’ll want to enhance your kitchens with!


6. Excel-Bene Three-Sided Stainless Steel Basket

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Consisting of three clearly demarcated parts, the Excel-Bene Three-Sided Stainless Steel Basket features a great organization system for all home chefs! There’s a separate compartment for plates, cutlery and even small kitchen essentials – all neatly organized in a single drawer. You will never have to sift through different drawers in order to take out all your essentials again. Made from industrial grade stainless steel, this hardware is easy to install, is absolutely robust and is definitely visually pleasant.


7. Excel-Premio Stainless Steel Mul Basket

Image Source: Excel Hardware

Now you won’t have any difficulty keeping long-necked bottles and fat spice and pickle jars in a single place with the Excel-Premio Stainless Steel Mul Basket! Featuring a 3-tiered design, you can easily organize a number of different kitchen essentials in the same space. The bottom basket is the largest, with an uninterrupted surface area. The 2nd tier is divided into easily accessible compartments, while the 3rd one is the smallest of the bunch. Easy to install, and perfectly efficient, this hardware will surely add a systematic panache to your kitchen design!


Excel Hardware has always been a pioneer at gauging the needs of their customers and designing their products accordingly! You can visit their closest showroom or browse their website for a collection of products that’ll definitely make your kitchen-life a breeze!

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