These Small Décor Additions Can Improve Your Home Aesthetic

Decoration pieces and home accessories have a way of enlivening the whole space up. Their eclectic diversity and variety adds a lot of charisma to the spaces. It also makes your homes lived in and loved in. if you’re fretting over what décor to add in what space, we’ve compiled a few tips to get you started. Let’s take a look:


1. Focal lights over dining table

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It’s easy enough to choose the right dining table and set it up in its allocated alcove, but very few people actually put in the effort to make it pretty. The easiest way to do that is by installing some cluster-style pendant lights on top of it. If it’s small – a 4-seater or a round shaped one – then you can choose a single cluster. However, if the table is a 10 or 12-seater, then you can choose two clusters of lights.


2. Storage boxes in bedroom

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Who needs a blocky nightstand when you can add ample amounts of compartmentalized storage to your bedrooms? Gone are the days when typical beside tables used to dominate the whole set-up. These days, you can just arrange a cluster of multi-coloured storage boxes in a customized credenza for a more compact and clutter-free space throughout.


3. Distraction free work zone

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Many homeowners make the mistake of over-accessorizing their work or study desks, which ultimately leads to a lot of distractions whenever you actually sit down to get some work done. The best way to avoid that is by choosing just one function-based accessory – such as a statement clock – and going for a minimalist aesthetic for this space.


4. The statement bathroom cabinet

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The most interesting way to spruce up your bathroom aesthetic is by going for a customized cabinet. Many people simply choose to hang a mirror in front of their vanities, but it’s way more interesting if you choose to go for a hanging cabinet instead. All of you bathroom essentials can be tacked on as colourful additions to it as well.


5. Accent living room chairs

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The sofa may be the most prominent part of any living room, but you also need some accent pieces to add some interest to its ambiance. The accent chair – preferably one that is mismatched and dissimilar to the overall ambiance of your living room – can add an instant focal point and charisma to your spaces.


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