These Small Design Details Can Make Or Break Your Home Aesthetic

Sometimes, it’s the small details that add an extra oomph to your home interior designs. You may not deem the important, but they make a huge impact as far as the Big Picture is concerned. This is why you should never overlook the importance of even the smallest of design elements, even when you’re tired and annoyed and just want to be done with the whole renovation. Here are some small yet important design details that can make or break your home aesthetic.


1. The mismatched texture of exposed brick walls

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There are so many types of exposed brick walls that you can go for these days, but the one thing that should remain constant about all of them is their uneven texture. It’s this texture that provides this aesthetic with a rough, edgy appeal, which is why it’s important that you always carefully consider the mismatched aspect. If the whole brickwork is smooth, your interior design style is going to look too modern, instead of eclectic.



2. Your centerpiece lighting selection

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Light fixtures are an integral part of the overall interior design. They have to be selected according to the style and aesthetic of the space you’re trying to create. For example, a classic chandelier can enhance the traditional aura of a space. Similarly, a cluster of mismatched pendent lights can emulate a trendy contemporary look.




3. The grain of your furniture wood

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This is an especially important design detail that you must always consider. The right kind of wooden grain makes all the difference between rustic, contemporary and industrial styles. Straight and smooth is always modern, while timeworn, distressed and mismatched wooden grains make up a bulk of the rustic and industrial styles.




4. Carpentry handles/knobs

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The knobs and handles that you use in your carpentry are a small and important design detail that are often overlooked in lieu of the larger design elements. However, this small aspect is also crucial to defining your interior design style as well. Elaborate handles are more of the traditional type as compared to the smooth, sleek ones that are used in contemporary spaces.





5. The texture of your window coverings

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Cozy Ideas Interior Design

Whether you’re using curtains, blinds or black-out shades may be a matter of personal taste and functionality, but this small detail can also have a huge impact on your interior designs. Curtains are an old-school choice that add a vintage appeal to a design, while blinds and shades are more modern in aesthetic.

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