Things You Should Know: A Look At The Canvas

Before you start any kind of a design venture – it's either art, architecture or interior design – you should understand that your mind is a blank canvas. Yes, you understand the dimensions to set up a basic limit for yourself, but in the end, everything is a completely blank slate.

So, in context of interior design; the spaces are your blank canvas, and you are the artist. When you’re thinking about renovating your homes, try not to include the existing setting in your mind’s eye. This will get in the way of what you actually want with the design. Today, we’re going to share all the things you need to keep in mind before starting your consultation for an interior design.


Step 1: Blank Space

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Before you do anything else, just imagine that your existing home is completely blank. Its stripped of everything that needs to be renovated. Thinking like this will give you more in-depth perspective of all the possibilities that actually could be! You’ll start seeing the space as an existing entity that can be something better.



Step 2: Imagining the impossible

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Once you start seeing your space that has can be designed as anything you want, it’s time to start imagining all the possibilities. Do not limit your mind to a certain look or aesthetic. Make a Pinterest board of every outlook imaginable and just let your mind wander. You’ll find that you actually like to mix-and-match your aesthetic instead of settling for a single thing.



Step 3: Jot it down

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The next step includes jotting down all the things you’ve already imagined. If you don’t, chances are you’re going to forget them. If you want a Christmas tree decoration in your living room, then, or an entire wall dedicated to cabinetry, then write it down. These things will help you articulate your concept to your interior design consultant.




Step 4: Make it official

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One you’ve finally decided what you want, where you want it and the general idea of what it’s going to look like; it’s time to find yourself a consultant. Renopedia is one of the greatest online portals to find yourself the best interior designer for you. You can even browse through our inspiration boards to see what latest trends are being followed these days.




 Step 5: Let it begin

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Once you’ve found yourself a consultant and relayed all of your ideas, it’s time to let the actual process of the renovation begin. Your consultant can provide you with 3d renders of what the end result may look like, and you can take it all in stride from there.

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