This is how you do a Scandinavian interior theme in Singapore

Inspired and derived from the Nordic regions, the Scandinavian style has a certain inherent charm that has taken the world by storm. However, it was initially designed for cold regions, but as we know, Singapore is all about embracing the heat. So, how can you emulate this aesthetic to suit the Singaporean context? Let’s take a look:


1. Focus on colours and contrast

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Instead of focusing on the hair-on-hide textures, blankets, and other cozy ensembles, you can direct your focus on the high-contrast colour schemes. You can opt for cool hues on the darker end of the palette and stick to neutral colours on the lighter end. Navy blues and white deliver an amazing high-contrast aesthetic. You can experiment with such shades until you get a great ambiance.


2. Focus on furniture

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Scandinavian style furniture is cozy, comfortable, and extremely striking. It has a unique style that transcends specificity and can be used in most types of interior design styles. You can focus on your furniture layout and material selection to suit the Singaporean context. Don’t go for materials that are too plush or a little too cozy. Instead, strive to find that perfect balance between comfortable and summer-friendly.


3. Suitable for natural light

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Natural light is a major component in Nordic interior designs because there is a distinct lack of it in those regions. But in Singapore, where the summer sun shines glaringly, you need to be careful about introducing this aspect, or you may end up counter-balancing your active air-conditioning. If you’ve got larger window portals, then go for proper shades to diffuse the heat of the sun, or go for black-out window treatments instead.


4. Sculptural details

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The one thing that can remain constant in both the original and Singaporean iteration of Scandinavian interior designs is the use of sculptural detailing. It not only helps create a dramatic impact, but it also helps enhance the decorative quality of the space. You can introduce such elements in the form of furniture, light fixtures, and other design details.


5. Sticking to muted accents

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Another thing that can remain constant between the Singaporean and original execution of the Scandinavian style is the use of muted colour accents. Their cool impact and stark austerity suit the summer-rich island aesthetic really well. They also have a very neat, sophisticated look that can make any space seem chic.


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