Timeless Fabrics Complete these 8 Apartments with an Elegant Finishing

Timeless Fabrics Complete these 8 Apartments with an Elegant Finishing

Fabrics are so integral to the appearance and interior design of a place that a right or wrong choice has the potential to literally make or break it. However, it can’t be said that a particular fabric is wrong choice, because everything depends on the combination. Here are a few examples that showcase how a wise choice of fabrics can uplift the appearance of an apartment and lifestyle of the residents.

1: Earthy Scheme

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(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Project File)

This is in every way a luxurious apartment with a major responsibility being shared by the suitably placed fabrics. Just look at that living room, glowing with its white interior and a rich green rug, amply supported by blue and brown hues used for the sofas. This creates a vibrant and pleasant space which ran the risk of being dull otherwise.

2: Amazing Combination

cushions (6)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior)

The title of this apartment aptly presents the nature of the fabrics used here. The rug used here is an obvious nod to the exposed brick walls and shares the similar colours presenting a continuity and draws the attention away from the sharp edges of the walls. The same is true for the sofas as well that bask in their light gray shades to provide a cozy tone to the house. The bedroom is also quite elegant because of those gorgeous draperies that create a contrast against the dominant lighter shades of the place.

3: Comfortable and Modern Interior Design

fabrics (7) fabrics (8)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: New Nyew Design)

An opulent bedroom awaits you at this place that makes extensive use of neutral colours to present the space with a natural elegance. These colours appear very soft and are highlighted from the overhead lamp. Come to the living room, and you will find cool colours dominating, giving this part of house a calm vibe.

4: Dazzles With Class

fabrics (9)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: M3 Studio)

A classy look is what this place achieves with that appealing rug. Breaking the monotonous tone that comes from a constant use of the white hue in the apartment, this valuable addition lifts the style quotient of the place. The sofas are also chosen carefully to blend in with the wall behind it to make the seating space full of warmth.

5: Contemporary and Minimalistic Style

fabrics (10) fabrics (11)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Quirky Ideas)

This minimalistic apartment has a gorgeous interior, no doubt! But here too fabrics play a big role in defining the tone of the place. If not for the rug, the place would have had access to too much light resulting into glare and distraction, but that has been completely avoided because of its placement. Coming to the bedroom, the use of neutral white blankets highlights the sleeping area against the darker shades of the curtains.

6: Beautiful and Interesting

fabrics (12) fabrics (13)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source:Lux Design Pte Ltd)

This apartment relies on minimalist schemes for the interior, and fabrics remain a crucial part of that scheme. As the bright blue walls provide the place with a modern appeal, the pieces of white furniture play their role to perfection and bring a sense of calmness to the living space. However, the show has been stolen by the bedroom here. Using dark-hued but neutral shades for its fabrics the bedroom has gained an opulent appeal and resonates with the visual senses.

7: Splashed of Bright Colours and Geometric Adornments

fabrics (16) fabrics (15) fabrics (14)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Weiken)

The colours are responsible for making this apartment unique and the fabrics have been rightly chosen to experiment with a diverse range of colour schemes for creating a gorgeous interior. Look at the living room, with its yellow and blue furniture – the blue nods to the sidewalls while the yellow creates a contrast to produce a range of stimulating effects. Still, it’s the bedroom that has been the prime beneficiary. Those warm yellow shades create a very intimate space where you always feel comfortable and at home.

8: A Bit of an Edge

fabrics (17) fabrics (18) fabrics (1)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Home-designing)

This apartment from home-designing deserves to be the final piece on the list. Why? The answer is obvious – this ambitious place makes ample use of fabrics, borrowing elements from the Industrial, Scandinavian and modern themes to present a place that is astonishing. The theme of exposed concrete wall has been extended to furnish the fabrics (in similar shades) and the effect is really pleasing to the eyes.



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