Tips for Shoebox Apartment

Tips for Shoebox Apartment

The right blend of design components can make a small room feels more spacious, airy and welcoming. A wrong placement and the incorrect use of design elements can make your home feels closed-in, messy and make you stressed out.  Proper and appropriate use of color schemes, right placement of furniture and decorations makes a difference in a Shoebox Apartment.

This article provides you with tips on the best designs for Shoebox Apartment. The pictures below have shown the creativity of our interior designers with amazing style tips.

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Light colors:

Light shades will give a soothing effect to a smaller room whereas darker tones on the wall will make the room feels like a box. Variation of white and other light colors with the monochromatic color of furniture and artwork will give a smaller room an attractive and elegant look.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: JQ Ong)

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Use long mirrors to give an illusion of space. Properly placed mirror will make the your shoebox apartment seems a larger. The impact of the mirror is greatly achieved if it is placed in the full view particularly if there is a window.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Projectfile)

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Select two or more large decorative pieces or accents which complement your room, too many decorative pieces will make your shoebox apartment look cluttered and messy. Accurate placement of your artwork usually at the corners will take less space and it will also convey your sense of style.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Freshome)

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Furniture with hidden storage:

Smaller space room often deals with the challenge of keeping all your belongings. Now with creative and functioning furniture with hidden storage are available, which allow you store all your belongings without the headache of insufficient storage space.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Icon Interior)

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Bench style wooden dining tables within the kitchen occupies less space and give a stylish and spacious look. The picture below design by Freshome shows a great creativity that how such tables can make your shoebox apartment look wonderful and spacious.

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Freshome)



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