To live better is to live simpler – The most simplest modern design (MUST READ)

Sometimes, going for simple aesthetic is the way to go. It’s classic, timeless, and very sophisticated. Keep your spaces modern with these simple designs that are not only lovely to look at, but also stands the test of time.


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Opting to add patterns in your home is the easiest way to bring life into it. A pop of geometric prints, stripes or polka dots will surely look great amidst your plain coloured fixtures. The key with patterns is to use them sparingly, so as to achieve maximum impact and avoid over decorating your space.

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All white

White is the most versatile color since anything matches with it. It’s fresh, light, and not to mention, very elegant as well. You cannot go wrong with an all-white interior. Choosing to go all-white does not mean you’re boring. There are loads of variations to choose from to avoid a very monotonous white appearance such as incorporating different textures of fabric and shades of white.



By simply putting accent fixtures in your home, you instantly transform your place into a modern haven. Accent lamps, chairs, and figurines will surely add character and soul to your interiors.


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All things natural

Sometimes the key to achieving a simple modern home is by incorporating polished and unpolished wood fixtures, natural light, and a lot of plants. This creates a very natural and laid-back atmosphere.


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