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Toilet Renovation Singapore│Bathroom Renovations

Say Goodbye to Your Outdated Bathroom with Renopedia's HDB Bathroom Design and Toilet Renovation Package Listings

For such a small space, you would think that bathroom renovation would be easy; but there is a lot that goes on in ensuring this little space is perfectly functional when you need it.

Renopedia understands the intricacies involved in designing a bathroom space with our experience in matching homeowners like you to the country’s top interior design firms and renovation merchants.

Our website simplifies the renovation process by curating a wealth of resources, including design inspirations, renovation tips, and renovation journey videos, and highly-rated bathroom renovation products.

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Running into these problems during your bathroom remodel?

Plumbing issues
Electrical issues
Moisture problems
Budget overruns

You’re not alone!

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Over 500 Singapore Interior Designer Firms to Choose From

Find the answers to all your bathroom renovation needs with Renopedia today!

Headquartered in Singapore, Renopedia is the most successful and fastest-growing online home renovation portal that conveniently links homeowners to professional interior designers and renovation products and services.

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See how our clients transformed their old bathrooms into the bathrooms of their dreams.

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So much more goes into a bathroom renovation project than you think!

Balancing low maintenance with high utility

Most homeowners want their bathroom to be low-maintenance: easy to clean and use without breaking down or damaging easily.

A professional interior designer specialising in bathroom renovation will be able to advise you on the best high-quality materials and designs to prevent accidents and maximise efficiency and durability.

For example, you may not know that stainless steel piping, while seemingly more expensive upfront, is actually more cost-effective in the long run compared to standard galvanised pipes, because of its stronger corrosion resistance.

If you like the look of glass doors in your bathroom, a savvy and experienced interior designer might suggest getting a sliding door installed instead of a pivoted one to minimise the risk of it shattering.

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Delivering the best solutions for your needs

Don’t want to overhaul your entire bathroom, but want an updated look?

Changing the colour of your bathroom floor tiles and walls is a great way to instantly upgrade the look of your existing toilet.

Like your current toilet floor and wall tiles but still bored of them nonetheless?

Try overlay floor tiles or overlay wall tiles instead – that way you can just remove the layer when you miss the previous aesthetic.

Your tiles are still in good condition but you want an updated look? A good interior designer can suggest different bathroom fixtures to suit your preferred style, such as shower heads, a toilet wall-mounted mirror cabinet and even a new toilet bowl!

geometric shapes

Strategising bathroom lighting

Bathrooms usually don’t get much natural light, so your interior designer needs to know the best lighting positions for your space.

Good bathroom lighting does not only enhance the overall ambiance of your bathroom and toilet space, but it also helps identify potential hazards such as a wet floor.

If you want your vanity in the bathroom, they would also need to come up with a lighting solution that allows you to get ready conveniently.

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Simplify Your Toilet Renovation Process with Renopedia

Renopedia offers a one-stop solution to make your search for design inspiration, home renovation products and services more convenient.

Trust and reputation

Counting over 1 million visits over all our social media platforms, Renopedia has the most engagements among all online home renovation companies in Singapore.

Wide network of renovation and design professionals

Renopedia enjoys partnerships with more than 500 interior designer companies and 50 home renovation merchants—which means more choices and competitive prices!

Catered to your needs

Renopedia lists all your renovation needs for every budget and preference.

Our process is non-obligatory, too, so homeowners always get to make the final decision with none of the pressure!

Unmatched results

Renopedia has matched more than 50,000 satisfied homeowners with their dream interior designers.

More savings with exclusive packages

Aside from saving time by streamlining the renovation process, Renopedia also offers HDBs, BTOs, condos, and landed property renovation packages for optimal savings!

Personalised customer care

Renopedia always makes an effort to check in with homeowners and help them make the best possible choices for their renovation needs.

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