Top 4 Sleeping Positions! What’s Yours?

Sleeping soundly represents a healthy lifestyle, and the position you sleep in reflects your personality and traits along with your lifestyle. Considering the impact on sleep for an average person, our team took it upon themselves to research and compile a fun piece on the most common sleeping positions, how they relate to the personality and habits of the user, and what kind of mattresses you should use for each sleeping position.

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1. The back position

Around 8% of people tend to sleep on their backs. Commonly referred to as ‘The Soldier’ this position is pretty good for back alignment and straightening the spine. However, if you sleep this way, then do not prop your head up on a lot of pillows – it will bring along neck pains. It’s a generally neutral position and is advantageous, especially for those who suffer from acid reflux. But for those with a snoring problem, the back position can be bad news. The back position is said to be assumed by reserved people.

This is the ideal position, especially for people with back pains, and a latex mattress would go perfectly with this habit.

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2. The side position

Relatively more common, 15% of people prefer to sleep on their side. There are several categories of the side position. Let’s take a brief look at them all:

  • Arms at the side: Known as ‘The Log’ position, this posture will keep your spine naturally aligned. It is also known to help with acid reflux and snoring. Sleeping in this position requires you to prop your head on a thick pillow.
  • Arms out: The arms-out version of side position has all the benefits of The Log position – it keeps the spine aligned and helps with acid reflux and snoring. However it can be bad news because it puts additional pressure on the shoulder and arms, causing them to go sore.
  • Bent knees and elbows: Better known as the fetal position, this one is an entire category of its own, which we’ll discuss further below.

Since this position can disfigure the neck, you should consider buying a latex pillow if you’re a side sleeper. This will definitely improve those neck pains.

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3. The fetal position

The most popular sleeping position of them all, 41% of people sleep in this position. It seems to be extremely cozy, but do know that it is one of the worst sleeping positions to embody. The main reason of this is that your spine is bent at an unnatural angle and it can restrict the breathing movements of the diaphragm. On the other hand, it can be great if you’re pregnant, because it keeps the liver away from the uterus and enhances circulation.

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4. The upside-down position

The least common one of all, 7% adults sleep on their stomach, and that is just the better because sleeping on your stomach can cause digestive issues. It also causes neck pain and keeps your spine mal-aligned, thus causing neck pains.

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