Top 5 secrets to pulling of a simple, affordable home interior

Who says that simplicity cannot be charming? Because minimalism is one of the most popular lifestyle choices in the world at the moment and people are absolutely loving it.

Most people have a very basic idea of how the minimalist lifestyle actually works – especially when it comes to something as design oriented as creating beautiful spaces. However, it’s definitely possible to create simple and affordable home interiors if you really put your mind to it. So today we’ll be sharing the top 5 secrets you can use to emulate simplicity in your home designs.


1. A keen color balance

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When you’re working with an understated color palate it can be challenging to keep track of the visual balance. This is why you need to keep a keen eye on the basic proportions and applications of all the colors and materials being used in your space. Make sure everything is visually balanced.


2. Think long term

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More often than not, you have to spend a little more on qualitative items like furniture to save money in the long run. Go for a classic, timeless look that is going to remain in style even when all those fleeting, short-term trends have withered away. Do not compromise on the style even if you have to invest a little more than usual.


3. Less is more

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Less is definitely more when you’re trying to emulate a nice, simple and affordable home interior design. However, the bright side is that you get to splurge a little on some of the essentials. You may have been eyeing those stunning solid wood bar stools that might have had to take a back seat to other décor objects, but with the ‘less is more’ concept, you get to prioritize quality over quantity.


4. Avoid overcrowded surfaces

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Overcrowded and over accessorized surfaces are the downfall of a simple and affordable home interior design. If you start putting every nice item you own on display, your house is going to be the clutter red-zone. This is why you need to hold yourself back, even when you have a great potential display area. Just keep your countertops, shelves and tables as neat and simple as possible.


5. Spatial balance

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Since simple interior designs have very little furniture and décor, it’s important that you make the space seem balanced. It doesn’t look good when you crowd all the available furniture in a single nook or corner. It’s better to arrange it around the space by keeping the general visual balance in mind. If it still looks too empty, then go for patterning and texture on the wall to make it seem fuller.

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