Top 5 things to consider for first time renovators

For many people, renovating their homes can be both a challenging and overwhelming process. This is usually because no matter how much you mentally prepare yourself, at the end of the day the actual process of renovation is truly formidable. So before you dip your toes in the renovation market, we’ll be sharing the top 5 things you must consider before renovating your homes.


1. Good designers and contractors

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Ideally you should start looking for a designer early, even before you collected your keys. Choose someone who doesn’t undermine your opinion, pays attention to all your suggestions and has an aesthetic that matches yours.


 2. Go for highly visible changes

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The main target of a renovation is not to change each and every aspect of your home – that may well and truly deplete your budget in the end. The idea is to target highly visible spaces throughout your home that will make the most difference once the whole thing is done. Don’t go for expensive detailing that no one’s going to notice. Instead, go for show stopping feature walls and statement décor to make an impactful impression.


 3. Retain transparency

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Most homes in Singapore are certainly on the smaller side. This is why it is important to design a layout that can help make the spaces seem larger and spacious. So you must always pay special attention to transparency in your home interiors. Glass partitions, latticed doors and open floor plans are all good ways to go about it.


 4. Cosmetic refreshes are a go

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Most times, you simply don’t have to go for structural detailing. All you need is a ‘cosmetic refresh’ for the space to emulate a completely fresh look. This is especially relevant for kitchen remodeling where people tend to tear down cabinets that cost a pretty penny to be rebuilt. All you need to do is touch up the cabinet facades and add a bit of cosmetic detailing to get a brand new look!


 5. Quality over expenses

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Lastly, it’s extremely important that you choose quality materials that are long lasting and durable over cheaper, inexpensive ones. You’ll definitely be investing for the long run because you’ll have sturdy, resilient materials that’ll last for a long time.


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