Transforming your homes with industrial style details

The inherent charm of the industrial style is globally recognized and beloved by many. Singaporeans absolutely love the rough-around-the-edges charm of this look, so today we’ll be sharing some tips on how you can transform your homes with these industrial style details:


1. Furniture

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While the industrial style is not as hardcore or conceptual as some others, it still has a very distinct look. Furniture is one of the best genres to translate it. Industrial furniture is very edgy and has a unique look. It has a combination of sharp and flowing lines, along with bold materials that can make your space seem something out of a stylish machine-age poster itself.


2. Getting comfortable with rustic

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Part of the industrial style charm is that it features some bold rustic accents as part of its design. These are usually introduced to soften the edgy visuals of simple concrete and piping. They can be articulated in the form of warm wooden accents, rough exposed brick textures, warm lighting, wooden floors, and more. Of course, they have to be balanced out with industrial accents to get a holistic look.


3. Exposed details

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Exposed piping is a total requisite for industrial style interior designs, but what other details can you utilize to get the best effect? The answer is simple. Door and window frames are one of the best ways you an emulate the exposed mechanics details in your industrial style homes. They can be the slats on a barn door, the aluminum frame of a bifold door, or a rustic architrave of a typical door.


4. Small nods to originality

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Here’s the thing; your entire home aesthetic doesn’t have to be an industrial style bible to have a bold, and charismatic effect. In fact, retaining some aspects of the contemporary look can make all the difference in the world if you still pay a nod to all of the original industrial inspired parts.


5. Artistic flair with a modern twist

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: ARTrend Design

Bold graphics and murals have always been an essential part of industrial style interior designs. But if you’re not into vivid retro colours and machine-age artistry then you can definitely translate this detail with a modern flair. You can use contemporary materials to get the same effect. It can be textured laminate, ceramic, or even hexagonal tiles clad on a feature wall.


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