Trending In Bathroom Interior Design For 2019

Most people don’t consider the bathroom as a part of a decoration. But a stylish and modern yet classic bathroom makes a big statement about your home and hygiene.

Also, latest trends of bathroom bring a wow factor to an otherwise boring space. From wooden tubs to geometric-patterned tiles and eco-friendly fixtures, bathroom design has come a long way.

Bathrooms no longer have to be utilitarian; they can be luxurious spaces that enhance your quality of life. There are out-of-the-box ways that can make your bathroom as stylish as it is functional.


1. Stylish Vanity For Storage

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Distinct Identity

White cabinet with fewer draws is a great way to add some softness in a cosy bathroom. Add a round led mirror above the vanity for something more fashionable in bathing space.

Vertical shower stand on brown wall tiles just makes the bathroom more functional yet attractive. It covers less space and looks stunning. For more freshness and natural feel place a potted plant on the vanity.

The lights and mirror bathing elements everything suits perfectly to both big and small bathrooms. Try now!


2. All White And Black for Modern Bath space

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Distinct Identity

The white and black combination continues to be a strong, popular bathroom trend into 2019.  White sink on black marble is the best to contrast from traditional to modern aesthetics.

While walls make, the bathroom looks more spacious and clean. White shelves at the shower area increase the curb appeal of bath space.

When everything is white, keep the stylish stair and handle of door black. The ladder is perfect for hanging clothes in a different style.  This is a great bathroom inspiration if you have a small space.

And, last but not the least, use hanging warm lights and big mirror above the sink for making the area more attractive and cosy.


3. Bring More Greenery In The Bathroom

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: NID Interior (Blackboard Consultants)

If minimalistic yet green is your choice, then a bath space like the one shown in the picture above is the perfect interior design inspiration for your space.

The white marble on black vanity adds a moody style to the chic space.  The bathroom boasts a lovely Western flavour, paired with soothing and calming natural settings with the use of indoor plants.

Plants in stylish pots on hanging slabs make all the difference in a minimalist and functional space like the bathroom. The plants spread natural fragrance in the bath space.

White floors, as well as wall tiles, complement the beauty of black cabinets. Stylish cylindrical hanging lights spread its warmth all over the space.

Large window panes add an extra positivity in the area by bringing fresh, natural air inside the bathroom.


Final Words

As of now, you know about the different modern style of bathroom that even looks best in a small space. Whether you are planning to remodel your area or building a new home, these bathrooms will definitely bring new life to your home.


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