Unparalleled Savings with Whirlpool Dynamic Eco Washers!


Whirlpool is the number one appliance manufacturer worldwide and is known for their advanced technology with superior performance. They have a wide range of functional yet innovative products and this time, the company is launching their state-of-the-art Dynamic Eco Washers!


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The Dynamic Eco front load washers take convenience in your lifestyle up a notch. So, whether you’re a 9-5 office worker, a full-time working parent, a business owner or simply anyone who’s having a hard time catching up with household chores – especially laundry – this Dynamic Eco washer is definitely going to make your life easier. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.


1. 6th Sense Technology

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One of the biggest attractions of the Whirlpool’s Dynamic Eco front load washer is that they’re powered by the 6th SENSE Technology. This basically means that the washer will automatically allocate the right amount of resources for the best washing performance. The sensors detect laundry washing conditions such as weight, temperature, soil, speed, water and bubbles that result in an optimal washing performance and conservation of time, energy and water.


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Pro tip: Keep your drum door open after every wash or add a dash of vinegar in your load along with the detergent to get rid of that mildew smell.


2. Introducing The Sense Inverter

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Whirlpool is constantly striving to innovate their technology to be as eco-friendly as possible. This is why the Dynamic Eco front load washer comes with a SENSE inverter. The Sense Inverter automatically adjusts the drum rotations to minimize noise and reduce vibrations. Together with the 6th SENSE technology, it helps to minimize water and electricity consumption. Moreover, the SENSE inverter motor is definitely more durable and long-lasting and comes with a 10-year guaranteed warranty.


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Pro tip: Separate your load into categories before throwing it into the washer. This way, the towels won’t shed on your jeans, and fuzzy sweaters won’t leave lint on corduroy.


3. Intelligent Stabilizer System 

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The Whirlpool Dynamic Eco front load washer comes with an intelligent, noise-cancelling stabilizer system. It also has an in-built 3D sensor, which helps with the shock absorption. This basically helps minimize all those vibrations and helps perpetuate a quiet wash.

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Furthermore, the unilateral design of the side casing of the washer makes for multi-directional noise dispersion during the spinning process. In addition, the thick material ensures durability with anti-rust features for an extended lifespan of the washing machine.

Pro tip: It’s always recommended to use a detergent that’s been specifically formulated for front loaders to ensure that the load doesn’t over-foam.


4. Extra Features

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If all that innovation is not enough, the Whirlpool Dynamic Eco Washer comes with a plethora of extra features. Let’s take a look:

  • LED display: The LED screen features a user-friendly interface for the best controls.
  • 1400rmp high spin speed: The outstanding high-speed means that your load will be relatively drier once the cycle is finished.
  • 15 wash programs: All these multiple wash options provide the ultimate convenience for the user.
  • Drum clean: This program allows you to eliminate odour and bacteria while cleaning your machine.
  • Preset delay wash: This setting allows you to preset your wash time to finish up to 24 hours later in order to accommodate your schedule.
  • 15 minute Quick Wash: Achieve a powerful wash performance in 15 minutes if you are rushing for time for lightly-soiled clothes.

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With so many amazing features to offer, how can you resist this washer? Whirlpool's Dynamic Eco washers come in 3 different capacities (8kg, 9kg and 10.5kg) to suit your household needs.

You can get your hands on one of these at any Whirlpool’s authorized dealers in Singapore or check out their website for more information.

Website: http://www.whirlpool.com.sg/products.php?cate_id=c96361&scate_id=sc40014

Authorized dealers: http://whirlpool.com.sg/dealer.php

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