Upgrade & Purify Your Bathrooms With TOTO High-Tech WASHLET

Analogue toilets are so last decade, and TOTO has once again been at the forefront of this bathroom design revolution with their amazing range of high-tech toilets. Combining smart technology with beautiful aesthetics and amazing performances, TOTO toilets are in a league of their own. Did you know that around 60% of toilets in Japan are made and manufactured by TOTO? All of their innovations along with ergonomic facilities have made them a fan-favorite all around.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: TOTO 

While typical toilets are a cesspool of unhygienic conditions and old-fashioned designs, TOTO high-tech toilets stand out from the rest because of their infinite comfort, refreshing ergonomics, and most of all: their unparalleled hygiene. These toilets feature automatic flushing systems and deodorizer that activates after each flush. Let’s take a look at TOTO newest addition – WASHLET, and what it has to offer:


1.  Awesome Ergonomics

WASHLET is a multifunction fixture that can be easily controlled by a remote control – there’s no need to get your hands dirty at all! It’s also fully equipped with a comfortable rear, front and oscillating cleansing function along with an adjustable warm air dryer. The soft closing seat and cover ensure zero noise and slamming. You can even heat the seat with temperature control when it’s too cold to sit on the porcelain. WASHLET can also be easily removed for cleaning which warrants low-maintenance!

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: TOTO 

2. Sleek Modern Aesthetics

WASHLET by TOTO is a sleek and modern masterpiece. It’s extremely minimalistic in design and would look absolutely amazing in any bathroom setting, whether it is a small or large space. Its smooth finish and easy installation ensure a highly sophisticated and elegant look in any and all bathroom interiors!

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: TOTO 


3. Premist Feature

WASHLET comes with a unique Premist feature – whereby the water is sprayed onto the toilet bowl prior to use. Unlike regular toilets, this feature makes it hard for the dirt to adhere to the surface, which helps to eliminate the unpleasant lingering smell in the first place. After all, additional cleanliness is something we all can appreciate!


4. Ewater+ Feature

WASHLET comes with Ewater+ feature - whereby regular water is sprayed with electrolysed processed water. The electrolysed water has an antibacterial effect that helps to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria that can be found in the toilet bowl! The Ewater+ feature is completely environmentally friendly and comes standard with the TCF4731AM1R/TCF4732AM1 model.

WASHLET is one of the best bathroom fixtures designed by TOTO so far! It’s got a full trifecta of ergonomics, aesthetics and hygiene that can make your life a breeze! And you know the best news? TOTO is giving away one of these WASHLET (worth $1590) just by participating in a quiz here! *This quiz is open to residents residing in Singapore only*


*Images credit from TOTO

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