Upgrade Your Wardrobe With These 5 Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials

Excel Hardware has always catered to the latest home and living trends by manufacturing products that have a way of making everyday life easier for their clients. All the products in this range are fully convenient, easy to use and install while giving the user many opportunities to customize their typical wardrobe. Let’s take a look at what this collection has to offer:


1. KLS-P11 Excel Garnishry Box

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If you an organized person who love to store all of your accessories in a box, then this Excel Garnishry Box can be the perfect option. This great feature consists square compartments that is designed to let you store your stuff i.e. jewelry, watches, etc. by categorizing it easily. Furthermore, the Garnishry Box can be built into the wardrobe as a pull-out feature. Whenever you want to take something out, all you need to do is pull it out like a drawer. So, it’s convenient, easily installed, and perfect for systemizing all your tiny accessories.



2. KLS-P12 Excel Trouser Rack

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Tired of fold-stacking your trousers every day? Does it frustrate you to iron out your trousers every single time? Well, now you can make your life easier with the Excel Trouser Rack! It’s a compact and pull-out feature that can be installed above the trouser rail to keep your inner wardrobe in a more organized way. It’s always recommended to install this rack at the bottom of your wardrobe. Now you can easily organize your trousers or skirts in a tidy and space-saving manner.


3. KLS-P13 Excel Clothes Basket

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Excel Clothes Basket is the perfect way to assemble your folded laundry in careful stacks. With its handy-dandy pull-out system, the aim of this basket is to create an ideal way for you to manage all your wardrobe essentials while keeping everything neat and tidy. After installing this clothes basket, you won’t have to keep bending down to search for those ever-lost towels, socks, pajamas or more inside your wardrobe.



4. KLS-P16 Excel Hanging System

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

If you are bored with the typical wardrobe rail system and want to invest in something that would allow easier access and a more versatile organization option, then Excel Hanging System is the perfect solution for you. It’s actually the ideal pull-out clothes hanging rail that can be easily installed in any wardrobe. It comes with single extension ball bearing runner, which coupled with the pull-out system allows easier access to your clothes. With this product, you’ll never have to break your back sifting through your wardrobes arcane hanging rail again.



5. KLS-P17 Excel Tie Rack

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Excel Hardware

Neckties are a pesky little wardrobe essential that have a way of getting lost in all of our clothing and clutter, but with the amazing Excel Tie Rack, you can always keep them on hand. This rack makes it easier for you to organize your ties while keeping them front and center. It’s a pull-out system that can be mounted onto any wardrobe and can hold up to 30 ties. It can be easily pulled in and out on ball bearing slides, not to mention, it is truly good for plenty of ties.

Frankly, we need to store our items in an organized way in order to keep our life simpler and easier. With the most awesome wardrobe solutions which are designed by the Excel Hardware, you seriously need to check out their products to upgrade your wardrobe!

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