Upgrade Your Lifestyle With Excel Hardware’s Ingenious Home Hardware

Home design and styling is ever-evolving in the contemporary world. Excel Hardware is a pioneering kitchen hardware and home accessory company whose collection spans a vast number of extremely ergonomic mechanical essentials. Their collection comprises of a number of hardware choices that can add a lot of pragmatic qualities to your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at two featured devices that you can readily install for immediate ease:


1. Italian Series Soft Closing Hinge

Image Source: Excel Hardware

If you’ve ever had to gently creak your kitchen cabinets or doors shut, then this accessory is just for you. It’s an incredibly useful mechanical device that can make your doors highly flexible in their movement. It’s made from premium grade steel so you won’t have to worry about easy degradation. It boasts a high-performance and is quite durable.



It comes with an adjustable mounting plate which allows you to tweak the pressure on your door hinges. It’s technically oriented to deliver a soft-closing system that stops your doors from banging shut. On top of it all, it is also competently priced at $15 per piece, so they’re easily affordable!


2. Excel Costanzo Top Stay Lift-Up System Nero Black Cover

Image Source: Excel Hardware

If you’re tired of the typical cabinet aesthetic and are searching for something different, then the Excel Costanzo Top Stay Lift-Up System Nero Black Cover is the one for you! It’s an innovative hardware that’s specially designed for vertical cabinet door openings.


It has been custom designed for the lift-up cabinet door system and is very agile. It has an adjustable speed function that allows the lift-up doors to close softly and quietly. It also offers a wide application and can be used in all sorts of spaces – be it kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms or study rooms. Furthermore, it even has a 3D adjustment setting and an ergonomic 107o opening angle for easy use. You’ll definitely enjoy its unique outlook and comfortable usability!


As you can see, both of these mechanical devices are designed to make your home lifestyle as user-friendly as possible – you can check out the rest of Excel Hardware for more such devices.

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