Urban Crawlspace – The Art of Apartment Interiors

Urban Crawlspace – The Art of Apartment Interiors

With a massive rise in the world’s population, the urban landscape around the world has taken a massive leap in evolution. It hasn’t exactly been a slow process either – a few centuries worth of evolution crammed into a single one. From small towns to spreading suburbia, the industrial revolution has led a specifically pointed direction towards what modern living. The population boom has only contributed to this hasty development, and today, our cities are divided into three distinct sectors – the metropolitan area, the suburbia and the slums. Most of our population is concentrated in the metropolitan areas, where the living is carried out mostly in the high rise districts.

These high rise buildings have been specifically tailored to cover more ground in a vertical limit, and are usually divided into retail, offices and residential zonings. Residences come in the form of apartments, and the square footage of each apartment depends on the kind of district and the kind of building you live in. From penthouse suites to a single bedroom to studio enclosure’s there are several different kinds of apartment, but the general  and most widespread ones come with a two bedroom plan.

When it comes to defining the interior design of an apartment space, you have to take the actual architectural planning into consideration. Apartments are usually built on semi-open floor blueprints and the interior designer has to respect these settings. Below, we’ll be looking at a few exceptional interior designs for apartment spaces.

Space Constraints

Make sure to design your interior in a way that that respects the space constraints of your surroundings. The semi-open floor plan might lend a bit of breeziness to the entire setting, but the essence of apartment design is such that you cannot design it around florid and overly ostentatious themes without caving in the spatial boundaries that can become your confines. Thus the color scheme needs to be light enough – more often than not in whites – to create the illusion of a bigger space. Decoration needs to be minimal, and mostly in the form of photo frames or artsy paintings. These can lend a colorful spread to your palate, making the interior seem light, airy and bright at the same time.

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Sometimes, there needs to be a boundary between two spaces, and the best way to accomplish that in a setting with space constraints is by making that boundary transparent. The element of transparency is not only stylish, but also pragmatic. It can create an illusion of separation without actually implementing any solid barrier practices.

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When you have to design an interior for a space that is as small as an apartment, make sure you design it in a way that allows for a great flow of light. Transparency not only satisfies the cravings for barriers, it is also a helpful way to conduct light throughout the apartment space without having to implement solid constraints.

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