This is how you use concrete textures in your interior designs

Concrete is one of those pragmatic but visually appealing materials that have the ability to evoke the epitome of style in any space. Although it’s one material, there are quite a few ways you can actually use it various interiors. Now you can use these 5 tips to decorate like a pro and emulate the best concrete textures in your interior designs. Let’s take a look:


1. Patterning the texture

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The best part about concrete is that you can tweak it to your visual pleasure. If you’re not a fan of simple concrete layering, then you can definitely upgrade the look by carving patterns into it. This visual versatility is one of its biggest personal assets, and a great way for you to customize your interior designs with patterns that cannot be found anywhere else.


2. As a backdrop

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Simple concrete texture has a very refined and understated look, which makes it the perfect material for backdrop designing. Its subtle grey looks merge quietly with the background, which makes the feature elements of your interiors (and even outdoors) like accent chairs, tables and even planters look exceptionally charming.


3. Contrast material

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If ever you need a material to contrast the bold, bright colours of your interior design, concrete is definitely it. Not only is it available in a number of unique textures, but it also has the ability to set of the bolder colours so that they stand out beautifully. Wood is especially quite a nice counterpart to concrete design elements. It’s an evergreen combination that never fails to impress.


4. Wall patinas

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Typically, concrete textures do not have a very smooth finish. Instead, they set on walls with a charismatic patina that becomes a design element of its own. So, if you’re looking for ideas for a simple yet impactful accent or feature wall, then you definitely have to consider concrete as an option. It’s distinct, impressive and highly impactful in a subtle way.


5. Accent lighting

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One of the best ways to highlight your concrete patinas is by using accent lighting to create a beautiful ambiance. You can use wall lights, pendent lights and even up-lighters and down-lighters to get this particular effect.


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