Use These 5 Beginner Hacks To Get The Best Of Contemporary Style

The contemporary style is always going to remain in style. Ever changing, ever evolving, and ever popular, it’s one of the go-to style choices for most Singaporean homeowners. Here are 5 beginner hacks you can use to get the best of this style:


1. Make your patterns count

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Most of the contemporary style is all about balancing the sleek with the eclectic. Therefore, you’ll find it very hard to manage the different patterns and textures that are always a part of this particular style. One beginner hack to get you started is this: make your patterns count. Don’t waste them on secondary or tertiary items. Use them boldly – even if you can only do once – on prominent things such as area rugs, media walls, etc.


2. Balance with the sleek

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Since ‘modern’ is always a popular buzzword in interior designing, you have to ensure that its embedded properly within your contemporary homes. Sleekness and clean design are the most common characteristics of this style, and you can definitely use these to your benefit. While emulating the textures and patterns, you can harmonize them with strokes of modern to keep things visually balanced.


3. Accessorize with eclectic tastes

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If a part of the contemporary style embraces modern looks, the other part embraces eclectic choices. This is why accessorizing an interior design done in this style can be so much fun! You can pick and choose ornament that suit your personal tastes, decorate with indoor planters, and even choose light fixtures that defy and complement the sleekness of modern looks.


4. Be wary of your colour choices

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While the contemporary style may embrace a bit of eclectic, you also need to ensure that it doesn’t become too mainstream. The best way of doing so is by choosing an understated colour scheme that can later be harmonized with gorgeously mismatched accessorizing. Stick to dull and restrained colours like charcoal, white, blues, and browns while avoiding anything too bold or neon.


5. Keep it simple

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At the end of the day, the contemporary style is effortlessly graceful and sophisticated. You don’t have to manage it with the perfect balance of bold and understated to keep this fully organized and aesthetically neutral. From the colour scheme to the furniture and even accessories, it’s always best to keep it simple.


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