Vinyl Marble: The Fashion & Elegant Way To Decorate Your Home

Frankly, whoever said marble was out of style certainly didn’t live through 2017. It is truly one classic material; timeless enough to maintain a place of its own in the contemporary era and market.

Surprisingly, we can see that from fashion to accessories, then to interior design. Through these recent years, marble surfaces have been dominating the aesthetics genre wholeheartedly. Most of the designers have upped its visual cache by redefining the traditional marble use.

All of this has resulted in a greater appreciation for the material. It can be told that there are newer varieties garnering a brand-new level of appreciation nowadays. For instance, there are newer finishes for both floors and walls.

However, we do advise you to refrain from going overboard as if there are too much marble, it can look a little over-the-top and clunky. Hence, we are here to provide some simple yet useful tips for you to use marble in your home interior;


1. Pick One: Floors Or Walls


As advised above, too much of marble can bring out the worst in a space; especially if you’re working with any white variation of this surface. Meanwhile, too much white can make your interior designs look absolutely frosty. So you have to pick one dimension of your room for adequate application – it has to be either the walls or the floors.


2. For Minimal Surface Application


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: FloorXpert | Quickstep

If you’re not into feature marble applications, but you still want to be a part of this trend, then fear not!

There are definitely other ways for you; for instance, add a splash of marble into your bathroom or kitchen in the form of backsplash. Do not underrate this as this is still able to make your interior design look positively impactful!

If you want to utilize marble for the floor, this is absolutely alright! Just take note that you should pick a wider and spacious area such as living room. Be ready to be asked where to get an amazingly beautiful and elegant flooring when your guests visit you!



3. Marble Accessories & Accents

In previous times, marble used to be a costly investment for home interiors. Moreover, there are extra cost for dismantling the current surface. We are lucky enough as we live in a genre where we can accessorize with marble in a cost-effective way. Of course, you can also invest in decorative items and accessories with marble finishing to create and add great vibe to your home.



4. Vinyl Marble or Marble Vinyl

Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: FloorXpert | Quickstep


You may ask what is Vinyl Marble or Marble Vinyl?

Floor Xpert is now bringing you the best marble in the form of vinyl resilient flooring! With the visual and aesthetic qualities of authentic marble, but with the benefits of vinyl flooring! This new arrival is under LURF Ambient Range collection and the featured colour is ‘Marble Carrara White.’ While it resembles marble in design, its actual feel is resilient, luxurious and maintenance friendly. It’s protected with LURF’s patented Scratch & StainGuard technology; therefore, it is truly well-protected.

Put your worries aside, it does not look as heavy-handed and ornate as the general actual marble. However, it offers the same sleek and feel as well as the actual marble.

Looking at marble theme for your new home, act now and check out Floor Xpert NEW LURF Ambient Marble Carrara White flooring!

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