Walk Your Baby with Class and Comfort in the Charming ‘Classica’ Stroller

Walk Your Baby with Class and Comfort in the Charming ‘Classica’ Stroller

Known as the perfect pram for a baby prince or princess, the Classica pram has a very unique style. It takes inspiration from the delicate physique of the classical styles and incorporates that English and Victorian style. Described as the ‘queen bee of all prams’ the Classica is a study in romantic visuals and impeccable fashion. While most contemporary prams are designed in adventurous formations and modern imagery, the Classica pram exudes a very distinct style that appeal to those who prefer vogue to pragmatism. The Classica is handmade in Italy, defining the contemporary restrictions, giving your baby the best combination of statement and trend. Further, we’ll look at some veritable qualities of the Classica pram that will certainly attract the customers.

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  1. Aristocratic visuals

The style in which this Classic pram is fashioned is genuinely stately and different from other prams out in the market. Its style relates to all contemporary fashions and allows the parent to walk their baby out in style and class. Aside from the stunning visuals, Classica is also roomy on the inside, and allows the baby to lie down or lean up with comfort. It also comes with a spring adjusted chassis which lulls the baby while you walk – a true package.

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Image Source: Inglesina

2. Adjustable Hood

The hood of the Classica pram comes in adjustable stations. The hood can be adjusted at a ninety-degree angle to let in a breeze and fresh air, and it can also be completely pulled over to shield the baby from sunlight if the need arises. In this way, the Classica pram is a combination of stunning visuals and careful pragmatism.

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Image Source: Inglesina


3. International Quality and Construction

The Classica pram boats a fine craftsmanship; the internal lining of the pram is made up of top quality fabrics. It is also tailored by hand from Italian craftsmen. The internal parts of the pram are constructed in wood while the fine quality cushions are made to last. The Classica is an International Masterpiece.

4. Fashionable Accessories

The Classica pram completes its set by providing an indispensable diaper bag prefect for parents to bring along baby necessities. The fabric variant bag is a matching counterpart to the pram itself, and comes with travelling changing pads – a perfect mother-baby ornament match-up.

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Image Source: Inglesina

5. Related Attachments

Rest assured, the Classica pram is not just a paragon of fashion and aesthetics. It comes with optional attachments such as a reversible stroller seat and the Huggy Group 0+ car seat. Aside from that, you can also buy the purpose-designed adaptors along with the Balestrino chassis which allows a smooth switch from one configuration to the next.

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Image Source: Inglesina

This pram is exclusive to Baby's Hyperstore, come down to our store at 69 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park Singapore 417947 and view the pram and see if it is a good fit for your baby.

After all, your baby deserves the best.

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