Ways To Impress Your Home Guests

A living room is the center of your home. It is the communal space for all your family and it is also the space where you entertain guests. Thus, its interior design matters a lot.

Since the living room is a combination between a family hub and a place of entertaining, the interior design has to be impressionable yet casual and relaxing. That is a hard and contradicting aesthetic to follow, but it is possible to create beautiful, casual and impressionable designs.

In this post, let's look at these 5 ways your living rooms which can leave a lasting impression on guests, while still be casual for an in-house family gathering on a lazy Sunday.



1. Use memorable colors

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Color psychology is a wonderful subject; it educates about the impressions any one color has on the human mind. But when you several colors in succession in the same spot in your interior design, then it tells a completely different story. Instead of having any single effect on the human psyche, it leaves a marked impression instead. This is why boho chic interiors used psychedelic colors in tandem with various textures. You can use a similar technique to make your living rooms leave a lasting impression.




2. Having a memorable aesthetic

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Any space must have some unique or distinct qualities in order to leave a lasting impression on anyone. Similar is the case with living rooms. They must have a distinct style that can leave any guest something to remember it by. It can be a unique interior design style, a memorable piece of furniture or even a feature decoration feature. Anything and everything can work.




3. A comfortable aura

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Comfort is the scale many people measure several interior designs against. This especially applies to the living rooms because they are dual purposed space for both outsiders and families alike. So comfort is always a priority. You can imbue both style and a homeliness in a living room interior by designing with wooden accents. They’re warm in color and definitely leave an impression on everyone.



4. Unique furniture pieces

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Furniture makes up a bulk of the living room aesthetic, so it is only right that it has some defining qualities that will leave a marked impression on guests. You can achieve that by using some accent furniture pieces like Memphis style chairs or two-form coffee tables as feature pieces in your living room interior. The idea is for their form or colors to be unique enough to be remembered even after the guest has vacated the premises.



5. Old-school

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Cozy Ideas

Vintage is the kind of aesthetic that tells a story. It is embedded in every scratch and tone of the style. The most notable articulation of this aesthetic is through furniture and décor; both of which have a uniquely cozy vibe that makes the user want to stay a little longer in such spaces. So using such an aesthetic in your living room interiors can be a good idea.

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