What Comes First; The Wardrobe Or The Floors

Frankly, it is crucial to have a clear picture of what your renovation may look like at the end of the day. There are certain important details which we should take note while working on the entire renovation since it can help to bring our vision to fruition.

There are a lot of clients who are confused on whether they should lay their floors first or lay after their wardrobes are done and up. In this post, let Floor Xpert tell you that either is fine actually! The thing is that you have to really consider the pros and cons before making choices. So, maybe this article can help you decide wardrobe first or flooring first? Let’s go!

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The Pros Of Going ‘Floor First’

When you opt to install the flooring first, there is a good chance that you won’t have to cut around the wardrobe or other furnishings during the wardrobe installation. This can help the contractor reduce the install furnishings during the wardrobe installation. this d lay their floors, or get their wation time and you don’t have to endure the possibility of uneven ends from the cutting. This removal process may also dirty the wardrobe, which most home owners definitely want to avoid.



The one downside of laying the flooring first is that the wardrobe transportation and installation may scratch them, depending on what kind of a material you’re choosing.


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Floor Xpert




The Pros Of Going ‘Wardrobe First’

The main advantage of going with the wardrobes first is that there will be less wastage on material used. The floor can be cut according to the precise dimensions of the wardrobe, and you can avoid any likely scratching that may occur during a wardrobe installation.




Most of the times – especially with the trend of in-built wardrobes, cabinets and shelving, it can be very hard to make any on-site, impromptu changes. If you already made a decision, but you don’t like the style of the wardrobe formation after installation, the cost to change it can be very costly.


Interior DesignHome Renovation, Image Source: Floor Xpert

At the end of the day, whatever way you choose will definitely come with its own set of cons you’ll have to work around. Of course, you can definitely get advice from your consultant or contractor to get a better idea customized to your own project!

Last but not least, think twice before making any decision because some mistakes are too costly.

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