What is your personal style in the bathroom – to experience nature or transparency in the bathroom?

What is your personal style in the bathroom - to experience nature or transparency in the bathroom?

Recently placed 10th in the 2016 iF Company Ranking (http://ifworlddesignguide.com/if-ranking/), the Hansgrohe company is recognized as the design leader in the global bathroom fittings industry. The compay prides itself on its modern technologies, innovative design, and a superlative level of functional quality. Customers love products from the Hansgrohe company because they know that their brands, AXOR and hansgrohe, offer top quality bathroom and kitchen fittings, showers and shower systems, with award-winning design and outstanding product benefits. It is no wonder that the Hansgrohe company is known for their uncompromising dedication to providing high quality and innovative products that provides the Germany-based bathroom fittings manufacturer a leading edge over the other companies.

So what are the innovative technologies that are offered by the Hansgrohe Company, with more than 115 years of history since its beginnings in Black Forest, Germany in 1901?

hansgrohe Select technology

The innovative Select technology was designed with the user in mind, to allow home owners to select their water pleasure at the simple push of the Select button. The Hansgrohe company was one of the first in the bathroom industry to introduce the intuitive operating philosopgy of convenience in the bathroom.

The Hansgrohe’s Select button guarantees simplicity day in and day out. With the Select technology incorporated into a greater range of products from kitchen mixers, bathroom mixers, thermostatic mixers to basin mixers, you can now easily turn on and off the fittings in the bathroom or the kitchen, as well as switch between different spray modes even for the popular favourite – Raindance Select handshowers!

Designed by Phoenix Design, one of the leading design offices in the world, the hansgrohe Raindance Select range of showers embodies timelessly modern bathroom design with its aesthetically-pleasing design.

hansgrohe AirPower Technology

RainAir Spray (pictured above)

hansgrohe's AirPower technology offers a very enjoyable voluminous spray injected with air, therefore using less water and saving resources – yet without compromising the showering experience! The sparkling AirPower spray envelopes your body and creates a wonderful sense of well-being.

The principle is simple: an ample supply of air is sucked in via the jet disc of your AirPower shower. This infiltrates the incoming water and makes each drop more voluminous, lighter and softer. Thus you will be using your valuable water efficiently.

With innovative products and trendsetting technologies, the Hansgrohe company offers products which save water, energy and money because they also believe that every drop counts.

And because every individual is different, the Raindance Select range of handshowers offer different spray modes which you can switch from with the push of the Select button!

The hansgrohe Raindance Select S120 offers 3 sprays – Rain, RainAir and WhirlAir, and you can even view the video of the different spray modes here: http://www.hansgrohe.com.sg/articledetail-raindance-select-raindance-select-s-120-3jet-hand-shower-26530000.html

Whirl Spray


The Hansgrohe innovators and designers have done a great job in designing hansgrohe mixers with the “ComfortZone” feature, which guarantees comfort and convenience at the wash basin or sink. It allows you to experience the new level of spaciousness in the bathroom, and enjoy the freedom and space to design your ComfortZone just as you want it.

These Hansgrohe mixers are of a generous size, with elaborate technology and construction as well as outstanding design. Thanks to innovative control units, users can enjoy outstanding comfort and smooth control, and high standards of safety. Now anyone can enjoy more freedom of movement between the spout of the mixer and the basin!

Now you can enjoy 25% off regular priced products under hansgrohe brand when you pay with any Citibank debit/credit cards from 1 September 2016 to 30 June 2017 (for more information, please visit http://www.hansgrohe.com.sg/28891.htm)!

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