What Plants Should You Have In Your House: Best Indoor Plants

When you embellish your interior with plants, you don’t just make it greener. Plants are the living organisms that interact with your body, soul, and mind, making them healthy.

Plants have the magical power to bring energy and positivity to our lives. They improve the quality of our life and bring natural happiness to our soul.

That’s why it makes sense to have houseplants as your mandatory decor element.

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Here are the best indoor plants you should choose from:


1. Chinese Money Plants

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Bright and indirect sunlight is good for plants. However, you should be careful about watering. Follow the ‘drench and dry” approach. Water your plants thoroughly and let the soil dry out, along with weekly misting.

The round leaves create a dramatic impression. So keep the pot simple!


2. Coffee Plant

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Get a small Arabica coffee plant that won’t cover your coffee habit.

But coffee plants look gorgeous. Top of that, these plants are simple to take care of.

These plants will give you enough beans once in a while to roast and brew your freshest cup of coffee.

In case, they get too dry; you will see super droopy leaves, which go back to normal after a good watering.


3. Crocodile Fern

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The crocodile fern gets its name from the crocodile-like texture of its leaves.

It looks a very interesting and unique addition to your decor, making it appear dramatic as well as fresh.

It’s easy to take care of crocodile fern as it doesn’t require frequent care!


4. Calathea

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Though green is the ‘king’ when it comes to colours close to nature, you can still throw in contrasts with colours other than green. Calathea and its red-green leaves come in rattlesnake and medallion varieties.

These plants are very picky about water and sunlight. They require weekly watering, and their brightness requirements are medium and indirect.


5. Fiddle Leaf Fig

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The trendy and chic fiddle leaf fig tree boasts more than just lush foliage. Their solid deposition adapts to most bright locations, except direct sunlight.

You should water fiddle leaf fig trees generously in the summer and water less during winter.


6. Umbrella Plant

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Let umbrella plants sit next to your windows! You will find many different types of umbrella plants.

When it comes to taking care of umbrella plants, give them a healthy dose of sunlight, enough room to grow, and proper watering. With all these, this small-ish plant fills out and takes up the required space.

The best part is umbrella plant grows quickly with frequent pruning as any sheared segment will be replaced in short order elsewhere. Water it when the top inch of soil is dry. Its brightness requirements are full, direct, or indirect sunlight.

Bonus Tip:

To improve your health and reduce stress, place a large plant every 129 square feet. To purify the air, choose 15-18 plants in 6-8-inch diameter pots for a 1,800-square-foot house.

Take proper care of your plants, and they will take care of your health to pay off.

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