What’s The Probability Of Being Ignored By Your Ideal Interior Designer

Excited about getting your own home? Can’t wait for a renovation so you can personalize it with some of your best ideas? Well, you’ll need an interior designer to get things started. However, finding the perfect designer for your job can be hard – especially when your top pick never responds back. Here are 5 probable reasons that your first choice interior designer might ignore you.



1. Genre of your project

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The genre of your project matters a lot. Many interior designers specialize in a certain genre – either retail, commercial or residential. If your query and potential project does not match their specialty, then chances are that they might ignore you. If this is the case, it’s time to move on to the next best option.




2. They’re too busy with other projects

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One of the top reasons a designer might not have gotten back to you is that their schedule might be backlogged with too many pending projects. If they believe that they need to deliver the best at what they’re doing currently rather than piling up stuff they can’t take care of yet, then they’ll definitely ignore you.




3. You’re coming on too strong

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It’s okay to be excited when you’re getting your own home – but sometimes, getting overexcited and high-strung about the renovation when you haven’t even gotten the keys can be a hindrance. Try to balance out the periods where you start searching for designers and when you’ve finally found the one you’d like to take on the project. The key is to strike when the iron is hot, which means that you shouldn’t go for an initial consultation until five to six months before you get the key. If you go too early – years maybe – then chances are that the designer is going to pass you over.




4. Your aesthetics are incompatible

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One of the surest reasons your interior designer might end up not responding is that what you want is just something that they might not be able to deliver. Renovation is a team process – while your ideas matter a lot, your interior designer needs to be sure that they can realize that vision perfectly in order to deliver the best results. If they think that it might not be a two-way street, then chances are that they’ll ignore you.




5. Your budget might not be workable

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In the end, it all boils down to the budget. If your interior designer thinks that your proposed budget is not something they can work with, then unfortunately, it’s time for you to move on. Ideas and design execution are directly proportional, which means that it costs a pretty penny to create the home of your dreams. If your top choice designers does not believe they can deliver the best in your allotted budget, then they’ll ask you to move on.

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